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Gravestone Records from Duxbury Cemeteries

Published in Mayflower Descendant




     Among the many series of gravestone transcriptions published in Mayflower Descendant are several short articles and notes about Duxbury cemeteries.   These transcriptions, made early in the 20th century, include all burials prior to 1851, with a few of later date.   Time has taken its toll on some of these stones, and some epitaphs are no longer legible.   These records of the inscriptions as they existed a century ago are therefore a valuable resource for Duxbury researchers.   Note that these are not literal transcriptions - they are abstracts of the information found on the gravestones.   In a few cases a portion of a stone has been literally transcribed, and is so designated by enclosing it within quotation marks.

     I have tried to render a faithful reproduction of the Mayflower Descendant pages in HTML form, following the original format in the use of italics, superscript (ye) and double dating (170½).   Portions of another article on a page have been omitted and the fact noted [in square brackets and in red], and the volume and page numbers have been added to the top of each page in the same format.


Cemeteries Included:

Ashdod Cemetery   Dingley Cemetery   Episcopal Church Cemetery   Old Cemetery


Ashdod Cemetery

Transcribed by Stanley W. Smith and John W. Willard in 1907, and published in Mayflower Descendant in 1909.

Pages Included:

Volume 11 [1909]: 104, 105, 106

Surnames Included:

Chandler   Church   Curtis   Delano   Ford   Gullefer   Henney   Hodgkin   Holmes   Howland   Lewis   Peterson   Randall   Sampson   Simmons   Soule   Stetson   Strang   Thornton


Dingley Cemetery

Transcribed by Mrs. Thomas W. Thacher in 1908, and published in Mayflower Descendant in 1909.

Pages Included:

Volume 11 [1909]: 55, 56, 57, 58

Surnames Included:

Alden   Ames   Baker   Curtis   Dabney   Dingley   Fish   Harlow   Hatch   Holmes   Humphrey   Hunt   Keen   Peterson   Randal   Samson   Simmons   Sprague   Watson   White   Whittemore


Episcopal Church Cemetery

Transcribed by Stanley W. Smith and John W. Willard in 1907, and published in Mayflower Descendant in 1922.

Pages Included:

Volume 24 [1922]: 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122

Surnames Included:

Atwood   Chandler   Daman   Hyde   Josselyn   Paulding   Peterson   Sherburn   Tainter   Taylor   Waters   Weston   Winsor


Old Cemetery

Transcribed by John W. Willard, et. al., in 1907, and published in Mayflower Descendant in 1907 and 1908.

Pages Included:

Volume 9 [1907]: 159, 160, 161, 162
Volume 10 [1908]: 169, 170, 171. 172

Surnames Included:

Alden   Arnold   Bradford   Brewster   Chandler   Cushman   Delano   Drew   Foster   Frazier   Fuller   Gould   Loring   L———   Partridge   Peterson   Prince   Prior   Ripley   Robinson   Samson—Sampson   Seabury   Soule   Southworth   Sprague   Stanford   Uffel   V———   Wadsworth   Walker   Weston   Winslow   Winsor   Wiswall


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