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   I would like to thank Mary Ellen Walz for her many hours of work as the transcriber of this book. When she asked if I would like to have the transcriptions for the Duxbury site I was overjoyed to have the chance to post this valuable resource for the benefit of researchers.

    Caveat Emptor: Although every effort has been made to provide an accurate transcription of this volume the HTML version should be used with caution. If you are preparing lineage papers for a genealogical society or citing references for publication online or in print you should verify this information using a printed copy or a microform or electronic image of the book. If you do find errors please send me email so that I can correct them.

    In HTML it is not always possible to provide an exact visual reproduction of a printed page. I have tried to do so within certain limits. I have used bold face, italics and SMALL CAPITALS when these are used in print. (Note that italics are not used as consistently in this volume as they are in other NEHGS VR volumes. This is probably due to multiple typesetters or multiple proofreaders. I have not tried to correct these inconsistencies.) Superscipt in abbreviations such as 20th are rare in these pages (found only within quotation marks) but are followed when used. The em dash "—" was used in print to indicate information that is missing and is so used here. I have not tried to copy the line breaks from print but have used hanging indents as the printed text does - when an entry occupies more than one line the remainder of the line is indented.

    Not all browsers support all of the features described above. Users of Firefox, Netscape Navigator/Communicator Version 4 and later or Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 and later should see these pages as I intended them to be seen. Users of other graphical browsers such as Mosaic and Opera may not see all of the features but should find these pages quite usable.

    In the printed version references to sources other than the town vital records are listed in small capitals, including Church, graveyard and private records, as well as Civil War (rebellion) records . The same convention has been followed here, and these references are linked to the explanations of them in the abbreviations pages.

    Quotation marks used in print have different forms for the opening and closing of a quotation. These are formally known as typesetter's quotes, and informally as "curly quotes." The computer keyboard has only one form. In an effort to maintain cross-platform compatability I have substituted the computer form of quotation marks for the print forms.

    Blank pages around the section title pages are skipped, so that, for example, the "Next" link on page 13 points to page 15, skipping the blank page. For an explanation of my surname indexing see the index page.

    The few typographical errors that I have found in the printed volume usually do not affect the accuracy of the information found therein. A typical error is the repetition of part of an entry. I have not added any indication of most errors, but when I have corrected a typo I have done so [in red and in square brackets]. In a very few cases I have (from other sources) added a correction <in red and in angle brackets>.

    In a few instances an entry is carried across two pages, so when you are checking an entry at the bottom of a page you should check the top of the following page by using the "Next" link provided.

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