the rest of it.   Then it was asked how much it was and how it lay: said Gentlemen answered it was all the land between Taunton bounds and Rehoboth bounds, and between Taunton bounds and the bay line home to Bridgewater Bounds, excepting two parcells that was granted unto others before.   So we made a bargain accordingly with said agents or committee, and ten of us became bound for the payment of what we gave for said lands, & a deed was then written and left with said William Harvey; but we then not knowing all who would be proprietors in said lands," etc.1

   Forty-three other persons joined with the ten alluded to in this statement; and this company of fifty-three Taunton men paid to the Plymouth Court the sum of £100 for the tract of land already specified.   The following is a copy of the original deed of sale: —

   "Whereas the Generall Court of New Plymouth have impowered Mr. Thomas Prence, Major Josias Winslow, Capt. Thomas Southworth, and Mr. Constant Southworth to take notice of some purchases of land lately made by Capt. Thomas Willett, and to settle and dispose the said lands for the Collonies' use: Know therefore all whom it may anyway concern, that the above named Mr. Thomas Prence, Capt. Thomas Southworth, Mr. Constant Southworth, and Major Josias Winslow, by vertue of power by and from the said Court derived unto them, have and by these presents doe bargaine, sell, grant, allien, allott, confer, and make over unto Richard Williams, Walter Deane, George Macey, James Walker, Joseph Wilbore, William Harvey, Thomas Leonard, John Turner, Henery Andrews, John Cobb, Gorge Hall, John Hall, Samuel Hall, James Leonard, Senr., Nathaniel Williams, Thomas Williams, Nicholas White, Senr., Nicholas White, Junr., Hezekiah Hoar, Allice Dean, Israel Deane, Robert Crossman, Shadrach Wilbore, Thomas Caswell, John Macomber, John Smith, Edward Rue, John Parker, Samuel Paule, Thomas Linkon, Senr., Thomas Harvey the Elder, Nathaniel Thayer, Thomas Linkon, Junr., Peter Pitts, Jonah Austine, Senr., John Richmond, Samuell Williams, Christopher Thrasher, Mistress Jane Gilbert, Gorge Watson, Samuell Smith, James Burt, Richard Burt, John Tisdall, Senr., John Tisdall, Junr., James Phillips, Edward Bobbitt, John Hatheway, Jonathan Briggs, Encrease Robinson, John Bryant, Thomas Harvey, Junr., Proprietars

  1 The above is from a document in the handwriting of Thomas Leonard, and is one of the numerous and interesting historical papers preserved by the late Rev. George Leonard, of Marshfield, but now the property of the city of Taunton.


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