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Apollos Clark Cemetery

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
March, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (248k) is available.

This burial ground is located on the east side of Black Brook Road, in a residential area, adjacent to the front/side yard of a private residence. This burial ground has 6 wooden steps leading the visitor up from the road and through an entry way flanked by 2 stone posts. There are also 4 stone posts in the far corners of the grounds, with chains linking the posts rimming the entire perimeter except the entry way.

The sides of this slightly asymmetrical burial ground are facing approximately east-west and north-south. The approximate lengths of the westerly and southerly sides are 33', the easterly side 30' and the northerly side 42'. There are about a dozen trees (mostly pines) growing within the area of this burial ground.

There are 2 headstones and 1 footstone within this burial ground. All stones are facing east-west and the inscriptions are on the west faces.

The largest headstone, is the most westerly stone and is located near the front of the yard (towards the west) and center (n-s) of this yard:

To the Memory of
who died
Jan. 2d. 1832;
Aged 61 years.

Think children dear, when you draw near
Your father's grave to see;
Not long ago, I was with you,
And soon you'll be with me.

There is also an American Veteran's Flag in the ground near this headstone. And finally, the more modern sticker that was first observed on Asa Newcomb's headstone is here as well, stating the following... "American, Let Us Not Forget, Those Who Served." © 1993.

The footstone, about six feet to the east is inscribed with the following...

A.          C.

The most easterly headstone is inscribed as follows:

To the Memory of
wife of
Mr. Caleb Gifford:
who died
June 12, 1835;
Aged 24 yrs. 6 mo. & 8ds.

Affliction sore long time I bore;
Physicians skill was vain;
Till God did please to give me ease,
And free me from my pain.

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