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Elijah Copeland Graveyard

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
February, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (287k) is available.

This cemetery on the east side of Bay Road is approximately 20 feet square in dimension and has 8 granite posts surrounding the perimeter. These posts were all connected together by two rows of chain at one time, some of the chain still remains.

There are four headstones in this burial ground and two smaller footstones. They all face east-west and the inscriptions are located on the west face.

The largest headstone is in the front left (NW) of the burial ground. It has an American Veteran's flag in place in the ground and the inscription is as follows:

In memory of
Mr. Elijah Copeland
Who died Sep 8th 1817

Æt 78

My days are past my glass is run
The holy will of God is done

Another large headstone (but a bit smaller than the first) is in the front right (SW) of the burial ground and the inscription is as follows:

In memory of
Mrs. Rhoda Copeland
Widow of
Mr. Elijah Copeland,
Who died Oct. 5, 1825.
In the 53rd year
Of her age.

                                                                S. R. Lincoln Sc. (In script)

Note regarding the depiction above of the script engraving at the bottom right of headstone. I am speculating that it might be the name of the individual or business that produced the headstone and/or engraving. I used Palace Script MT font in word as it most closely resembles the letters as inscribed on the stone. While it seems indisputable that the name "Lincoln" is inscribed, the first letter and second to last letter is on the stone as it appears above and is defined as an "S" in this font. I am assuming that's what it is. The second letter, although it looks slightly different on the headstone than the font depiction above, appears clearly to be an "R" on the stone. The last letter appears to be a lower case "c" on the headstone, as shown above.

The two smaller footstones are a few feet behind and directly behind (E of) the larger headstones. The larger of the two footstones is on the left in the back (NE), accompanied by an American Veteran's flag in the ground. The only inscriptions that are visible are shown below:

E.      C


The smallest footstone is on the right back (SE) and the inscription is as shown below:



The last numeral on this footstone appeared to be a "3", but given that it is likely the footstone for Mrs. Rhoda Copeland it is more likely a "5". I will revisit the yard to confirm this.

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