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George Fergusson Burying Ground

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
February, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (234k) is available.

Fergusson is routinely spelled with one "s" when referenced, but based on the inscriptions on the stones I recorded in this burial ground, I have changed my references to this family so it is spelled with two.

This burial ground is at the very end of Picker Lane, on the left, just a short distance in the woods. The burial ground is guarded by 10 stone posts, linked together by chain. It is about 30 feet long (north-south) by about 18 feet wide (east-west).

There are 6 stones remaining in this burial ground, five are in line on the western side of the yard, all with American Veteran's Flags in the ground and the sixth is on the eastern side near the south end of the yard. All stones are facing east-west with all inscriptions on the western face of the headstones.

For the 5 stones in line, going from north to south, the inscriptions are as follows:

The first is...


The second...

In Memory of
John Ye Son of
Mr George
Fergusson &
Katherine his
Wife, who died
March Ye 9th
In Yee 24th year
of his Age

The third stone is broken and laying flat on the ground, inscribed side facing up, apparently for many years in this state...

Mr George
Fergusson Died
Janry 2[4?]th 1793
In th[e] 87 Year
of his Age

Note the "?" above indicates that it I believe the inscribed numeral is a "4", but I am not certain.

The top half (or more) of the fourth stone is broken and is not in sight. Remaining is what is left of a poem on the bottom half of the stone, followed by what appears to be the mark of the stone carver on the bottom of the stone...

                found, I ho
& meet my Saviour, in the

Jx New, Sc 1794

The top half of the fifth stone is broken and is on the ground leaning against the bottom half, but is well implanted into the ground, apparently in this state for many years. The engraving on both of these halves follows...

On the top half of the headstone, the characters that remain are shown. What is left of the Latin phrase below runs along an arc, at the top curved portion of the stone, followed by the inscriptions below...

Sic Transit Gloria Mu

Memory of M

On the bottom half of the stone, this is what remains…

Mr. George Fergusson
Who died august
20th 1787 in Ye 79th
Year of her age

The sixth stone is in the southeastern portion of the yard and all that is left of the inscriptions is below...



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