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Asa Newcomb Cemetery

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
February, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (312k) is available.

Bordering this small, approximate 15 foot square burial ground, there are 8 stone posts, each connected by 2 iron rods to the next adjacent post, although a few of the rods are now missing. There are 2 headstones and 2 footstones in this yard, all facing east-west. All engravings are on the east face of the stones.

The large stone in the southwest position within the yard is broken, shows evidence of repair in the past and only the top half of the stone remains. The bottom half is either thoroughly buried or is now gone. The engraving that can be determined is as follows...

In Memory of
Mrs. Sally
Wife of
MR Asa Newcomb

The small footstone in front of this stone, in the southeast position in the yard, has a simple engraving, but it is well worn. It appears to be the following...

S          N

The large stone in the northwest position in the yard has an American Veterans Flag in place and the engraving is as follows...


to the memory of
who died
Jan 27th 1827
aged 67 years.

Behold a christian's grave; he walked with God
In the same path the dear redeemer trod
He loved the church y prayed for its increase
Lived much belovedly died in perfect peace.

Note that the 4-line verse above was very difficult to decipher due to its small size, italicized style and the significant wear of this granular headstone. Only several visits to the yard and the use of various means to determine the engraving yielded the above.

Note also that affixed to this headstone is a modern, all weather round patriotic sticker, with the following message... "American, Let Us Not Forget, Those Who Served." © 1993.

The small footstone in front of this stone, in the northeast position within the yard has the following engraving...

A.        N.

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