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Silas Phillips Cemetery

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
March, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (235k) is available.

This burial ground is located on the north side of Depot Street located in between two private residences on the west and east sides of the burial ground, with the backyard of the easterly residence also bordering the back (north) side of this burial ground.

The burial ground is bordered by stone walls on the front (south) and the west sides. In the front, there is an approximate 8' opening in the stone wall flanked by 2 stone posts. There are numerous mature pines buffering the back (north) edge that abuts the neighboring residence's backyard. On the east side, there is a thick line of pines and rhododendrons between the burial ground and the grounds of this private residence. There are also several mature trees (mostly pines and oaks) within this burial ground. The approximate dimensions of this burial ground are 85' long (east-west) and 45' wide (north-south).

There are 7 headstones in this burial ground, 3 accompanied by American Veteran's Flags and each with a sticker on the faces of the stones, as observed elsewhere, "American, Let Us Not Forget, Those Who Served." © 1993 and there is 1 footstone. All stones are facing north-south, with the inscriptions on the south face. The only exception is the footstone, which has its inscription on the north face. The stones are approximately in the center of the yard (n-s) and nearer to the right (east) side of the yard.

There are 3 rows of stones, the first row (most southerly) contains only one stone. It is cracked horizontally completely across the stone about 1/3 of the way down from the top and shows evidence of repair in the past. The inscription follows...

Wife of
Apr. 25, 1862,
47 yrs. 2 mo. 9 ds.

Towards the north, the next row contains 3 stones. From left to right, the first stone has an American Veteran's flag in the ground and sticker on the face and has the following the inscription...

June 2, 1790:
Nov. 17, 1858.

"Who would live alway"

Behind this headstone approximately 7 feet to the north is its footstone, with the following inscription on its north face:

S. Phillips

Continuing in this middle row of headstones, the inscription for the next stone to the right follows...

In memory of
son of Mr. Silas &
Mrs. Mary Phillips.
who died Oct. 25, 1816
in the 24th year
of his age.

Youth and its hopes here sleep in dust
Fruit and [lean] of our [    ldy] trust
[    ] [        ] and strength and [    ] [        ]
[Firm] [      ] his hope beyond the [rest.]

The words above are all that can be made out in the four line verse on the bottom of this headstone. Additional visits and further study will hopefully yield more.

The last stone in this row is a traditional, plain white military style headstone and is accompanied by an American Flag and sticker and has the following inscription:



Further to the north, the last row of stones begins on the left with the footstone already mentioned of Silas Phillips and is followed by three more headstones. Continuing to the right, the first headstone in this row is decorated with an American Veteran's Flag and sticker and its inscription follows...

In Memory of
who died
Dec. 30, 1821,
in the 67th year
of his age.

He was a soldier of the

The next stone has apparently broken clean in half at one time, as evidenced by a horizontal crack across the face about way up the stone and a repair from the past using iron brackets on the back affixed by iron fasteners through the stone. The inscription follows...

In Memory of
who died
July 11, 1842
in the 65th year
of her age.

It is possible that the above name is "Louise". Chaffin refers to her this way in his history. Also, one of the iron fasteners mentioned above is placed right through the stone where the "E" would have been, obscuring most of where the engraving for this letter would be located. However, the bottom part of where the "E" should be observed is not obscured and there is no evidence of the engraving there. Therefore, I have left the transcription as shown above, possibly a form of the female name "Lois"?

The last stone in this row and in this yard is as follows...

In Memory of
wife of
who died
March 15, 1844.
in the 91st year
of her age.

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