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Thomas Manley Cemetery

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
February, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2004-2015 by Dale H. Cook
A high-resolution version of this photo (203k) is available.

This cemetery, on the south side of Lincoln Street, is about 110 feet long (north-south) and about 85 feet wide (east-west). It is bordered by short stone walls on the south and west sides and portions of stone walls on the north and east sides of the yard.

There are at least twelve graves that are apparent, as evidenced by a slight mound of earth and a perimeter of stones around each. Five of these graves are marked with American Veteran's Flags in the ground, three of which are adorned with name plates as shown below:

Hugh Washburn

Wm. Washburn

Paul Lincoln
Died 1811

There are at least five other spots in the burial ground where there appears to be some evidence of what remains of a perimeter of stones and/or a slight mound of earth, indicating other likely grave locations.

There are about 10 or more other stones visible in the ground in various places in this burial area, but it is not clear if these stones are naturally in place or if they were placed intentionally to mark graves.

There is one solitary white stone with an engraving in this burial ground, located in the southwest corner of the yard. The faces of the headstone are facing SW and NE and the stone is well planted in the ground, but tilted considerably towards the SE. The engravings that can be deciphered are shown below:

On the northeast face of the stone...




And on the opposite (southwest) face of the stone what could be determined is below...


Dau. OF

E. & Emma Morris


Aug. 25, 1885

æ 23 yrs. & 10 mos.

Note re above transcription:

Note that this stone is not mentioned in Chaffin's history and it is possible, given that the date is just a year before his publication, that this stone was placed after his visit to this yard to record vital information.

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