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George Wilbur Cemetery

Transcribed by Thomas Keegan
January, 2007

Photograph Copyright © 2007-2015 by Thomas Keegan
A high-resolution version of this photo (192k) is available.

Located in Borderland State Park, south of (behind) the mansion a few hundred yards or so, just inside the tree line in line at approximately the mid-point of the mansion. Note there are stone walls on three sides of this cemetery, two approximately 70 ft long (east-west) and one on the east side of the burial grounds, approximately 35 ft wide (north-south).

There are three stones in this burial ground, two larger stones on the west side of the grounds and one smaller stone just east of these stones.

The largest headstone is located in the NW (relative to the other stones) and has a U.S. American Veteran's Flag in place. The inscription is on the west side of the headstone as shown below…

Memory of
Mr. George Wilbar
He died June 11
in his 56

Depart my friends wipe off your tears
Here I must lie til Christ appears

Next largest size headstone is in the SW and the inscription is on west side of headstone as follows...

Erected to the memory
of Mrs Betsey wife of
Mr. George Wilbur who
died May the 3d
AD 1807 in the 49th
year of her age

Death is a debt to nature due
As I have paid it so must you

Smallest stone, likely Mrs. Betsey Wilbur's footstone is E of these stones and the inscription is on the east face of the stone as follows...

Betsey Wilbur

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