Early Bridgewater Families

Isaac S. Packard Homestead, Brockton

Isaac S. Packard Homestead - Brockton, Massachusetts
Constructed 1856, Demolished 1949


     These pages contain some of the results of my ancestral research. The families in these pages settled in the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies in the 17th century. All were established in Bridgewater by the early 18th century. All places named in these pages are within the current boundaries of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States of America unless otherwise explicitly stated or easily inferred from the context.

     I would eventually like to cover the first five generations of each family, beginning with the generation that settled in Bridgewater and including the births of the children of the sixth generation. That is a massive undertaking which will require many years. In the meantime these families are presented in part. For some families some additional information is included on generations before the family's arrival in the town. The pages attempt to trace all descendants through both male and female lines, including, as my resources permit, family branches that removed to other parts of New England or farther away.

     A note is in order on my use of "about" and "say" in describing dates. When an exact date is not known, but an approxinate one can be inferred from other, known dates, that date is prefaced with "about." For example, if a couple's marriage date is unknown, but the birth of their first child is recorded as taking place in 1658, I may give their marriage as "about 1657." In some instances where the birth order of children is uncertain, I may give "say, 1658" for a birth where the year cannot easily be approximated and a hypothetical year is posited in a theoretical birth order.

     Caveat Emptor: Source citations here vary greatly in quality. My efforts to document events from primary sources have been confined mainly to my direct ancestral lines. Many secondary (and tertiary) sources are cited, some of which contain known errors. I have tried to indicate which sources contain such errors. As I am continually obtaining copies and transcriptions of primary sources I am also continually revising the source references.

     Source references are abbreviated, and are linked to a sources page with a detailed listing of the source. Some of those sources have been transcribed, in part or in full, and are available online. In such cases the volume (if any) and page number are linked to the transcription.

     If you are new to genealogy and not familiar with the distinctions between types of sources, or if you are looking for definitions of other genealogical terms, you should visit the excellent definitions page at Susanne "Sam" Behling's Homepage on RootsWeb.

     This site is a work in progress. I am currently working on the Samuel Packard and John Washburn families. Not all links within those families will work. Links from spouses of those families to other families not listed below will probably not work.

     I always welcome email containing corrections or additions based on primary or reliable seconday sources. Please do not email corrections to me unless you can document them from a reliable source. Please don't tell me, for example, that Samuel1 Packard married Elizabeth Stream. "Stream" is an unfounded (and completely undocumented) conjecture about her surname that was published years ago. This error has been perpetuated countless times in print and on the web. My goal is to eliminate such errors, not to perpetuate them.


Early Bridgewater Families

Samuel Packard
of Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, England and
Hingham, Weymouth and Bridgewater, Massachusetts

John Washburn
of Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England and
Plymouth, Duxbury and Bridgewater, Massachusetts


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