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Samuel Packard Family
Third Generation, Part 1

Children of
Mary2 (Packard) Phillips, Elizabeth2 (Packard) Alger, Samuel2 Packard,
Hannah2 (Packard) (Briggs) Randall and Jael2 (Packard) Smith

This generation is under construction and only a portion of the descendants are described herein


14   Caleb3 Phillips (Mary2 Packard, Samuel1) born 1659 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:208]; died after 27-Oct-1695 (named as "eldest son" in his father's will) [SufProb 13:705-706; WeyHis 4:466].

      He married 16-Oct-1681 Roxbury [RoxVR 2:319, 324] Elizabeth Polley.

      Caleb lived in Roxbury [SufProb 13:705-706; WeyHis 4:466] and was mentioned in Samuel1 Packard's will [MD 15:256].

  Children (Phillips) born Roxbury:
   i    Caleb4 born 09-Jul-1682 [RoxVR 1:277].
   ii    John4 born 25-Jan-1684 [RoxVR 1:277]; died 06-Apr-1684 Roxbury [RoxVR 2:613].
   iii    Elizabeth4 born 25-Oct-1685 [RoxVR 1:277].
   iv    Mary4 born 28-Apr-1688 [RoxVR 1:277]; died 09-Jun-1716 Roxbury [RoxVR 2:614].
   v    Ebenezer4 born 11-Jul-1690 [RoxVR 1:277].


15   Mary3 Phillips (Mary2 Packard, Samuel1) born 24-May-1661 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:209]; died May-1738 Braintree [Sprague card 3414; WeyHis 3:303].

      She married first about 1683 [WeyHis 3:303] Jonas Humphrey; born 24-Feb-1655 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:142]; died 30-Oct-1689 Weymouth [WeyHis 3:303], son of Deacon Jonas and Martha (——) Humphrey.

      She married second about 1703 [WeyHis 3:303; Sprague Card 3414] Peter Newcomb of Braintree; born 16-May-1648 Braintree [BraTR 630]; died 20-May-1725 Braintree [BraTR 727], son of Francis and Rachel (——) Newcomb. Peter married first [Sprague Card 3414] Susanna Cutting; born Watertown [Bond 1:193]; died 27-Apr-1700 [Sprague Card 3414]; daughter of Richard and Sarah (——) Cutting, by whom he had seven children.

  Children (Humphrey) by first husband, born Weymouth:
   i    Jonas4 born 03-Sep-1684 [WeyVR 1:142].
   ii    James4 born about 1686 [WeyHis 3:303].
   iii    Mary4 born 18-Apr-1688 [WeyVR 1:142].

  Child (Newcomb) by second husband, born Braintree:
   iv    Richard4 born 17-Mar-1704 [BraTR 684]; died unmarried 09-Jul-1728 [BraTR 728; Sprague Card 3414].


16   Joshua3 Phillips (Mary2 Packard, Samuel1) born 10-Mar-1662 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:209]; died about 1690 [SufProb New Series 4:98; Old Series 8:181].

      He married about 1686 [WeyHis 4:467, DrakeFam 2] Amy Drake; born 03-Feb-1665/66 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:97]; living 27-Oct-1695 [WeyHis 4:467], daughter of Thomas and Jane (Holbrook) Drake.

  Children (Phillips) born Weymouth:
   i    John4 born ca. 1687.
   ii    Amy4 born 10-Oct-1687 [WeyVR 1:208].
   iii    Joshua4 born 19-Apr-1689 [WeyVR 1:209].


17   Nicholas3 Phillips (Mary2 Packard, Samuel1) born 13-Mar-1664 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:208]; died 11-Mar-1750/51 Weymouth [WeyVR 2:312; NEHGR 23:423]; buried North Weymouth Cemetery, Weymouth [NEHGR 23:423; WeyVR 2:312].

      He married about 1688 [WeyHis 4:467] Mary Randall, born 31-May-1668 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:244], daughter of John and Mercy (Aldrich) Randall; died 11-Feb-1748/49 [WeyVR 2:312; NEHGR 23:423]; buried North Weymouth Cemetery, Weymouth [NEHGR 23:423; WeyVR 2:312].

  Children (Phillips) born Weymouth:
   i    Mary4 born 29-Oct-1690 [WeyVR 1:209].
   ii    Mercy4 born 24-Aug-1692 [WeyVR 1:209].
   iii    Nicholas4 born 23-May-1697 [WeyVR 1:209].
   iv    Hannah4 born 23-May-1697 [WeyVR 1:209].


18   John3 Phillips (Mary2 Packard, Samuel1) (named in his father's will) [SufProb 13:705-706], died 17-Nov-1760 Easton [MD 44:132].

      He married first about 1690 [WeyHis 4:467, DrakeFam 2] Elizabeth Drake; born 1670 Weymouth [DrakeFam 2]; died 24-Jun-1748 Easton [MD 44:131], daughter of Thomas and Jane (Holbrook) Drake.

      He married second 19-Apr-1749 Bridgewater [BriVR 2:296, 351; EBriVR 274, 300] widow Bridget (——) Southworth; died 17-Mar-1764 Easton [MD 44:132].

  Children (Phillips) by 1st wife, i-ii born Weymouth, iii-vii recorded Easton:
   i    John4 born 18-Feb-1692 [WeyVR 1:209].
   ii    Richard4 born 25-Nov-1693 [WeyVR 1:209]; died 30-Jan-1712/13 recorded Easton [MD 44:131].
   iii    William4 born about 1696 possibly Weymouth [DrakeFam 2].
   iv    Experience4 born 16-Dec-1699 [MD 44:131]; died Jul-1712/13 recorded Easton [MD 44:131].
   v    Samuel4 born 17-May-1702 [MD 44:131].
   vi    Joshua4 born 03-Nov-1704 [MD 44:131].
   vii    Caleb4 born 14-Apr-1707 [MD 44:131].
   viii    Jane4 born 01-Jul-1709 [MD 44:131]. Note: Although some records render her given name as Joan or Jean, her father's probate file and her cemetery monument call her "Jane."
   ix    Thomas4 born 25-Jan-1711/12 [MD 44:131].
   x    Richard4 born 30-Jan-1713 [DrakeFam 3].


19   Israel3 Alger (Elizabeth2 Packard, Samuel1) born about 1666 possibly Bridgewater.

      He married about 1688 possibly Bridgewater Patience Hayward, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Willis) Hayward.

      Israel was mentioned in Samuel1 Packard's will [MD 15:253-256].

  Children (Alger), born Bridgewater:
   i    Israel4 born 09-Sep-1689 Bridgewater [MD 15:47; BriVR 1:23].
   ii    Joseph4 born 06-Oct-1694 Bridgewater [MD 15:47; BriVR 1:24].
   iii    Thomas4 born 02-Oct-1697 Bridgewater [MD 15:47; BriVR 1:25].
   iv    Nathaniel4 born 29-Sep-1700 Bridgewater [MD 15:47; BriVR 1:24].
   v    John4 born 18-Dec-1704 Bridgewater [MD 15:47; BriVR 1:23].


20   Deliverance3 Alger (Elizabeth2 Packard, Samuel1) born Bridgewater [MF2 32]; died 1748 prob. Bridgewater [Latham 210]; buried Central Cemetery, East Bridgewater [Latham 210].

      She married before 09-Apr-1690 Bridgewater [MF2 32] James Latham; born about 1659 (died aged about 80); died 1738 Bridgewater [MD 22:118; Latham 210; EBriVR 369]; buried Central Cemetery, East Bridgewater [Latham 210]; son of Robert and Susanna (Winslow) Latham and a fourth generation descendant of James Chilton of the Mayflower.

  Children (Latham) born probably Bridgewater:
   i    Thomas4 born before 1692 [MB&D 1:305].
   ii    Anne4 born about 1693 [EBriVR 396].
   iii    Joseph4 born, say, 1694 (wife born 1696).
   iv    Susanna4 born before 1697 [MF2 73].
   v    Betty4 born about 1701 [MF2 74; Latham 27].
   vi    Possibly Lucretia4 [Mitchell 231; MB&D 1:314 note 61].


21   Mary3 Packard (Samuel2, Samuel1) born, say, 1679 Bridgewater.

      She married 02-May-1700 Bridgewater [MD 2:146; BriVR 2:286, 343] Amos Snell; born 18-May-1678 Bridgewater [MD 2:242; BriVR 1:294]; died 09-Dec-1765 Bridgewater [BriVR 2:556]; son of Thomas and Martha (Harris) Snell.

      On 16-Dec-1697, in the administration of her father's estate, "Mary Packer" gave a receipt signed with her mark and acknowledging her portion of her father's estate [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:187]. No receipts were recorded from her sisters, so Mary may have been the eldest daughter. On 27-Sep-1698, in the division of her father's estate, she was one of the two unnamed eldest daughters [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:188].

  Children (Snell) born Bridgewater:
   i    Mary4 born 25-Dec-1700 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:297].
   ii    Elizabeth4 born 06-Jan-1702 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:295], died "toward the latter end of" Apr-1702 Bridgewater [MD 7:57; BriVR 2:557].
   iii    Jemima4 born 03-May-1704 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:296].
   iv    Susanna4 born 22-Sep-1706 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:299].
   v    Amos4 born 11-Mar-1709 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:294].
   vi    Daniel4 born 20-Apr-1711 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:295].
   vii    Moses4 born 30-Oct-1713 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:298].
   viii    Martha4 born 13-Dec-1716 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:297].
   ix    Charity4 born 20-Nov-1719 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:295].
   x    Arthur4 born 31-Mar-1725 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:294], died 15-Apr-1725 Bridgewater [MD 7:57; BriVR 2:556].
   xi    Kezia4 born 21-Mar-1726 [MD 7:57; BriVR 1:296].


22   Samuel3 Packard (Samuel2, Samuel1) born, say, 1680 Bridgewater; died 22-Dec-1749 Bridgewater [MD 14:185; BriVR 2:534].

      He married 24-May-1705 Bridgewater [MD 16:101; BriVR 2:122, 282] Elizabeth Edson; born 29-Aug-1684 Bridgewater [MD 3:143; BriVR 1:101]; died 19-Jun-1716 Bridgewater [MD 14:185; BriVR 2:533]; daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Byram) Edson.

      On 27-Sep-1698, in the division of his father's estate, he was called the eldest son [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:187].

  Children (Packard) born Bridgewater:
   i    Samuel4 born 16-Sep-1707 [MD 14:185; BriVR 1:248].
   ii    Bethia4 born about 1711 [MD 14:185; BriVR 1:239].
   iii    Paul4 born 01-Apr-1714 [MD 14:185; BriVR 1:247].
   iv    Job4 born 05-Jun-1716 [MD 14:185; BriVR 1:243].


23   Daniel3 Packard (Samuel2, Samuel1) born about 1682 Bridgewater [PlyProb 1:278, Docket #15,123; MD 41:18]; died after 1732 (will) [Mitchell 264].

      He married 02-Dec-1713 Bridgewater [MD 16:189; BriVR 2:275] Mary Harris; died 22-Apr-1727 Bridgewater [MD 15:46; BriVR 2:534]; daughter of Isaac and Mercy (Latham) Harris [MB&D 1:306].

      On 27-Sep-1698, in the division of his father's estate, he was called the second son [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:187]. At age 15 he was allowed to choose Nathaniel Brett of Bridgewater as his guardian, and bond was posted 17-Apr-1699 [PlyProb 1:278, Docket #15,123; MD 41:18].

  Children (Packard) born Bridgewater:
   i    Sarah4 born 28-Aug-1714 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:248].
   ii    Mary4 born 23-Jul-1716 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:245].
   iii    Susanna4 born 03-Apr-1718 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:249].
   iv    Martha4 born 13-Jan-1720 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:245].
   v    Daniel4 born 11-Sep-1722 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:240]; died before Oct-1736 [PackErr 7].
   vi    Isaac4 born 03-Apr-1724 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:242]; died young [Mitchell 264].
   vii    Nehemiah4 born 22-Mar-1727 [MD 15:46; BriVR 1:246].


24   Joseph3 Packard (Samuel2, Samuel1) born about 1690 Bridgewater [PlyProb 1:278, Docket #15,123; MD 41:18].

      He married 28-Nov-1723 Bridgewater [WBriVR 161; BriVR 2:278] Mary Willis; born 27-Nov-1699 Bridgewater [MD 7:56; BriVR 1:353]; daughter of John and Mary (Brett) Willis.

      On 27-Sep-1698, in the division of his father's estate, he was called the youngest son [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:188]. On 25-Nov-1697 Thomas Snell of Bridgewater was appointed guardian of Joseph, aged 7½ [PlyProb 1:278, Docket #15,123; MD 41:18].

  Children (Packard) i-ii baptized Bridgewater:
   i    Joseph4 baptized 30-May-1725 [WBriVR 84].
   ii    Mary4 baptized 13-Apr-1729 [WBriVR 85].
   iii    John4.


25   Susanna3 Packard (Samuel2, Samuel1) born, say, 1691 Bridgewater.

      She married 01-Feb-1714/15 Bridgewater [MD 16:190; BriVR 2:283, 344] John Snell; born 23-Sep-1680 Bridgewater [MD 2:242; BriVR 1:296]; died 20-Jan-1767 Bridgewater [MD 15:50; BriVR 2:557]; son of Thomas and Martha (Harris) Snell.

      On 27-Sep-1698, in the division of her father's estate, she was named as youngest daughter, and under her mother's guardianship [PlyProb 1:304, Docket #15,169; MD 41:188].

  Children (Snell) born Bridgewater:
   i    John4 born 27-Sep-1715 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:296]; died 08-Jul-1734 Bridgewater [MD 15:50; BriVR 2:557]
   ii    Nathan4 born 28-Mar-1718 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:298]; died young [Mitchell 309].
   iii    Samuel4 born 05-Mar-1719/20 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:299]; died 01-Feb-1725 Bridgewater [MD 15:50; BriVR 2:558].
   iv    Zebulun4 born 26-May-1721 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:300]; died Jan-1725 Bridgewater [MD 15:50; BriVR 2:558].
   v    Susanna4 born 28-Apr-1725 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:299].
   vi    Silence4 born 03-Sep-1728 [MD 15:50; BriVR 1:299].


26   Clement3 Briggs (Hannah2 Packard, Samuel1) born before 1670 Weymouth [WeyHis 3:129]; died intestate in Norton East Precinct before the inventory of his estate 03-Feb-1720/1 [BriProbAbs 1:86].

      He married 03-Nov-1697 Bridgewater [MD 2:146] Elizabeth Field; born 17-Nov-1673 probably Providence RI [FieldGen 1:122; MD 2:242]; died before the death of her son John 02-Jan-1726/7 probably Easton [MD 44:136]; daughter of John and Elizabeth (Everden) Field, who removed from Providence RI to the West Parish of Bridgewater about 1677 [Mitchell 161; FieldGen 1:121].

      Clement was the first settler in Taunton North Purchase in 1694, and his homestead was near what is now the Easton Green.

  Children (Briggs) probably born Taunton North Purchase, order approximate:
   i    Clement4; died intestate and apparently unmarried before Mar-1724/25 (administrator appointed) probably Norton East Precinct [BriProbAbs 1:116; 1:122]. Clement was administrator of his father's estate [BriProbAbs 1:86] and called eldest son in its division [BriProbAbs 1:92]; his brother-in-law John Seely was appointed administrator of his estate [BriProbAbs 1:116; 1:122].
   ii    Elizabeth4.
   iii    Zachariah4; died intestate and apparently unmarried before 13-Jan-1745 Easton (administrators appointed) [BriProbAbs 2:10]; called second son in the division of his father's estate [BriProbAbs 1:92]; chose Thomas Manley of Taunton North Purchase as his guardian 05-Mar-1721/2 [BriProbAbs 1:86]; Thomas Manley of Easton appointed as his guardian 14-Jul-1726 [BriProbAbs 1:135].
   iv    Hannah4; called second daughter in the division of her father's estate [BriProbAbs 1:92].
   v    John4 born before 14-Jul-1712 (over 14 on 14-Jul-1726) [BriProbAbs 1:135]; died 02-Jan-1726/7 Easton [MD 44:136]; called third son in the division of his father's estate [BriProbAbs 1:92]; Ephraim Randall of Taunton North Purchase appointed as his guardian 05-Mar-1721/2 [BriProbAbs 1:86]; Ephraim Randall of Easton appointed as his guardian 14-Jul-1726 [BriProbAbs 1:86].
   vi    Lydia4 born after 14-Jul-1712 (under 14 on 14-Jul-1726) [BriProbAbs 1:135].


27   Thomas3 Randall (Hannah2 Packard, Samuel1) born about 1673 Weymouth [WeyHis 4:560]; died between 03-Dec-1746 (will) and 22-Jun-1752 (proved) probably Easton [BriProbAbs 2:121].

      He married first 20-Jan-1696/7 Taunton [TauVR 2:310, 391] Rachel Lincoln; died 18-Feb-1715 Taunton North Purchase [MD 44:133]; possibly the daughter of Samuel born 16-Sep-1777 Taunton [TauVR 1:268].

     He married second 23-Dec-1719 Weymouth [WeyVR 2:149, 157; NorVR 296, 299] Hannah (——) Pratt; died 14-Feb-1757 Easton [WeyHis 4:505]; she married first about 1700 probably Weymouth [WeyHis 4:505] William Pratt.

      Thomas removed from Weymouth to Taunton North Purchase about 1695 [WeyHis 4:560]. His will, dated 03-Dec-1746 and proved 22-Jun-1752 [BriProbAbs 2:121] named wife Hannah, sons Thomas, John, Robert and Samuel and daughter Hannah Pratt, and named son Robert and wife Hannah as executors. The inventory of his estate was dated 27-Jul-1752 [BriProbAbs 2:125].

  Children (Randall) by first wife, born Taunton North Purchase:
   i    Rachel4 born 15-Nov-1697 [MD 44:133]; not named in her father's 03-Dec-1746 will [BriProbAbs 2:125].
   ii    Hannah4 born 05-Oct-1699 [MD 44:133].
   iii    Thomas4 born 25-Nov-1701 [MD 44:133].
   iv    John4 born 18-Nov-1703 [MD 44:133].
   v    Robert4 born 13-Dec-1705 [MD 44:133].
   vi    Samuel4 born 24-Jan-1708/9 [MD 44:133].
   vii    Ephraim4 born 16-Feb-1710 [MD 44:133]; died Sep-1727 Easton [MD 44:133].
   viii    Ebenezer4 born 07-Aug-1713 [MD 44:133]; died 31-Jan-1732 Easton [MD 44:133].


28   Israel3 Randall (Hannah2 Packard, Samuel1) born about 1677 Weymouth [WeyHis 4:560]; died 24-Mar-1753 Easton [EastonHis 43].

      He married 25-Jan-1701 Bridgewater [MD 2:146; BriVR 2:314, 412] Mary Willis; died 29-Nov-1760 Easton [EastonHis 43]; daughter of John and Experience (Byram) Willis [Mitchell 364].

      Administration of Israel's father's estate was granted to him 06-Oct-1712 [BriProbAbs 1:56] after his mother was unable to appear due to infirmity of old age, and his brother Thomas refused administration. On 07-Jan-1712/3 he presented the inventory of the estate of Thomas Read of Taunton [BriProbAbs 1:59], and one of the appraisers of that estate was Thomas Pratt, whose son Thomas married Israel's niece Hannah.

  Child (Randall) possibly born Taunton North Purchase:
   i    Israel4 born about 1707.


30   Deborah3 Randall (Hannah2 Packard, Samuel1) born 25-Sep-1683 Weymouth [WeyVR 1:244]; died before 07-Mar-1761 (not mentioned in husband's will) probably Norton [BriProbAbs 2:296].

      She married about 1705 [WeyHis 4:560] Nathaniel Fisher; born 09-Feb-1681 Taunton [MD 22:114; TauVR 1:163]; died between 07-Mar-1761 (will) and 11-Apr-1761 (proved) probably Norton [BriProbAbs 2:296]; son of Daniel and Hannah (Hill) Fisher.

      The 07-Mar-1761 will (proved 11-Apr-1761) of Nathaniel Fisher of Norton "being near Eighty years of Age" does not mention a wife, names sons Nathaniel and Ephraim (deceased), daughters Dinah Armsberry (deceased), Hannah Woodward (deceased), Marcy Geers (deceased), Sibell Starkey and Elizabeth wife of Nathan Perkins, and mentions unnamed grandchildren, Nathan and Elizabeth Perkins to be executors [BriProbAbs 2:296].

  Children (Fisher) born Norton:
   i    Nathaniel4 born 07-Nov-1706 [NorVR 57].
   ii    Dinah4 born 13-Feb-1710 [NorVR 56]. Possibly the one who married 09-Sep-1731 Norwich CT Samuel Ormsby, b. 08-May-1708, s. of John and Susanna (———) Ormsbee.
   iii    Hannah4 born 07-Mar-1712 [NorVR 56].
   iv    Elizabeth4 born 18-Mar-1715 [NorVR 56]. Possibly married 1st 08-Apr-1736 Norton [NorVR 200, 234; TauVR 2:65, 183] Jesse Briggs of Taunton. Possibly married 2nd 16-Jun-1749 Taunton Nathan Perkins of Bridgewater [TauVR 2:62, 266].
   v    Ephraim4 born 02-May-1717 [NorVR 56]. Died before 07-Mar-1761 (named as deceased in father's will, had children mentioned but not named therein) [BriProbAbs 2:296].
   vi    Mercy4 born 13-May-1720 [NorVR 56]. Her father's will names his deceased daughter as "Marcy Gers" but no husband has been found for her in Bristol Co. It has been suggested that she was the Mercy Fisher who married Aaron4 Geer (Jonathan3-2, George1) 20-Jan-1742/3 at Preston CT [NEHGR 130:301].
   vii    Amos4 born 22-Aug-1723 [NorVR 56]; died before 07-Mar-1761 (not mentioned in father's will) [BriProbAbs 2:296].
   viii    Sybil4 born 26-Jun-1726 [NorVR 57].


31   Ephraim3 Randall (Hannah2 Packard, Samuel1) born about 1685 Weymouth [WeyHis 4:560]; died 07-May-1759 Easton [MD 44:136; 45:141]; buried Cynthia Drake Cemetery, Easton [OldChurchSt 2].

      He married first Elizabeth (——); died 21-Apr-1728 Easton [MD 44:136].

      He married second 12-Sep-1728 Easton [MD 45:35] Lydia Cooper; died after 26-Nov-1759 (mentioned in probate file) [BriProbAbs 2:249]; buried Cynthia Drake Cemetery, Easton [OldChurchSt 2]; daughter of Timothy Cooper [EastonHis 46].

      Ephraim died intestate, and his son Ephraim was appointed administrator [BriProbAbs 2:236].

  Children (Randall) by first wife born probably Taunton North Purchase, recorded at Easton:
   i    Ephraim4 born 22-Jul-1716 [MD 44:136].
   ii    Nehemiah4 born 22-Nov-1720 [MD 44:136].

  Children (Randall) by second wife born Easton:
   iii    Hannah4 born 28-May-1729 [MD 44:136].
   iv    Elizabeth4 born 07-Feb-1730/31 [MD 44:136]; died 26-Mar-1731 Easton [MD 44:136].
   v    Timothy4 born 14-Feb-1732 [MD 44:136].
   vi    Beriah4 born 11-Nov-1734 [MD 44:136].
   vii    Elizabeth4 born 19-Mar-1737 [MD 44:136]; possibly married 20-Nov-1760 Norton Daniel Niles.
   viii    Mary4 born 11-Apr-1739 [MD 44:136].
   ix    Hopestill4 born 29-Jul-1742 [MD 44:136].


34   Hannah3 Smith (Jael2 Packard, Samuel1) born 22-Mar-1678 [MD 21:155; PCR 8:79; TauVR 1:391]; died 07-Oct-1751 Bridgewater [BriVR 2:531; Latham 77]; buried Summer St. Cemetery, Bridgewater [BriVR 2:531; Latham 77].

      She married 21-Sep-1698 Bridgewater [MD 2:146; BriVR 2:341, 376] as his second wife William Orcut; born about 1665 probably Marshfield (died in 75th year) [MFIPCooke 44]; died 10-Apr-1739 Bridgewater [BriVR 2:531; Latham 77]; buried Summer St. Cemetery, Bridgewater [BriVR 2:531; Latham 77]; son of William and Martha (———) Orcut. William married first Jane Washburn, by whom he had two children.

  Children (Orcut) born Bridgewater, order uncertain:
   i    Jane4 born, say, 1705 (Married in 1725).
   iii    Deliverance4 born about 1707 [BriVR 2:532; Latham 91].
   ii    Martha4 born, say, 1712 (Married in 1732).
   iv    Caleb4 born, say, 1716 (Married in 1738).
   v    Moses4 born, say, 1717 (Married in 1739).


35   John3 Smith (Jael2 Packard, Samuel1) born 06-Dec-1680 [MD 21:155; PCR 8:79; TauVR 1:391].

      He married 25-Nov-1703 Taunton [TauVR 2:203, 440] Mary Godfrey; born 29-May-1683 Taunton [TauVR 1:181 has 1682, which was altered from 1681 in the original and is undoubtedly an error in light of the birth dates of her siblings]; daughter of Richard and Mary (Richmond) Godfrey of Taunton.


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