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John Washburn Family
Second Generation


2   John2 Washburn (John1) baptized 26-Nov-1620 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England [MFIPCooke 9]; died 12-Nov-1686 Bridgewater [MD 15:251].

     He married 1st 06-Dec-1645 Plymouth [MD 13:86] Elizabeth Mitchell; born 1628 Plymouth [MFIPCooke 9]; died before 05-Dec-1684 (her father's will) probably Bridgewater [MFIPCooke 9]; daughter of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke and granddaughter of Francis Cooke of the Mayflower.

     He married 2nd between 07-Nov-1684 (1st husband's death [BriVR 2:534]) and 30-Oct-1686 (John's will [Plymouth Probate Case #22015 (No file papers), Records 1:84-86; MD 15:248, 251]) Elizabeth (——) Packard; born probably Suffolk, England; died after 27-Oct-1694 (deed [MD 15:251]); widow of Samuel Packard. This marriage is confirmed by a 27-Oct-1694 deed from Elizabeth [MD 15:251]. Note: There is no evidence to support the often repeated conjecture that Elizabeth's surname was "Stream." Her surmane does not appear in any records, and Stream was not a usual surname in East Anglia.

     John came on the Elizabeth and Anne 1635 with his mother and brother. He was constable of Duxbury 1659 [PCR 3:178].

     In his will [Plymouth Probate Case #22015 (No file papers), Records 1:84-86; MD 15:248-250] dated 30-Oct-1686 John named his wife Elizabeth Washburn; sons John, Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, Jonathan, Benjamin and younger son James not of age; daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Jane and younger daughter Sarah. The will named sons John and Samuel as executors, and "my kind friend" John Tomson of Middleborough and "my Brother" Edward Mitchell as overseers. The will was signed by mark and witnessed by Thomas Hayward and Joseph Alden. It was exhibited at Plymouth 08-Jun-1687 by executor John Washburn and sworn to by the witnesses. On 14-Sep-1687 John Ames Sr. appeared before the court and testified as a witness. The inventory of John's estate was dated 19-Nov-1686 by John Field and John Leonard. The estate was appraised at £142, 8s., and no real estate was mentioned.

  Children (Washburn) by 1st wife, born Duxbury and Bridgewater [MFIPCooke 10]:
4    i    John3 born about 1646.
5    ii    Thomas3.
6    iii    Samuel3 born about 1652.
7    iv    Joseph3 born 07-Jul-1653.
8    v    Jonathan3.
   vi    Benjamin3; died between 28-Jul-1690 (will) and 12-Dec-1690 (inventory) [MFIPCooke 10] in the expedition of Sir William Phips against Quebec.
9    vii    Mary3 born about 1661.
10    viii    Elizabeth3.
11    ix    Jane3 born before 1672.
12    x    James3 born 15-May-1672.
13    xi    Sarah3 born about 1675.


3   Philip2 Washburn (John1) born about 1624 (age 11 in 1635 [Hotten 57]) probably England; died between 19-Aug-1700 [MD 16:253] and 1703 [MD 16:249].

     He married [MD 15:247] Elizabeth Irish; born about 1644 [GMB 2:1066]; died before 1700 [MD 15:247]; daughter of John Irish and Elizabeth (——).

     Philip came on the Elizabeth and Anne 1635 with his mother and brother. His brother John provided in his 1686 will [MD 15:248] "that my Son John take Care of my Brother Phillip."

  Children (Washburn):
14    i    John3 born about 1672.
15    ii    Margery3.
16    iii    Mary3; married 1706 Daniel Pratt [MD 15:247].
17    iv    Elizabeth3; married before 1702 Joseph Amory [MD 15:247].


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