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On shore of Monponsett Lake
Halifax, MA

ALLEN        R-2  P-5  S-7
        Hannah, wife of Dr. Micah, died 15 January, 1789, in her 49th year.

BATCHELDER        R-1  P-10  S-8
        William, Doctor, died 26 September, 1776, aged 32 years.

BATCHELDER        (could not locate)
        William, son of Dr. William and Joanna, died 6 Dec, 1776, aged 11 weeks.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-3
        Abiah, dau. of Austin and Hannah, died 19 Oct 1747, aged 8 yrs, 3 m., 10 dys.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-6
        Austin, died 3 May 1764, in his 50th year.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-5
        Hannah, wife of Austin, died 9 Sept 1756, aged 37 years, 1 month, 16 days.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-2
        Jabez, son of Austin and Hannah, died 3 Oct. 1747, aged 3 yrs, 8 mon, 14 dys.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-4
        Lucy, dau of Austin and Hannah, died 26 Oct 1747, aged 10 yrs, 6 mon, 7 days.

BEARSE        R-2  P-1  S-1
        Sarah, wife of Austin, formerly wife of Isaac Sturtevant; died 21 July 1763, in her 52nd year.

BEARSE        R-2  P-2  S-1
        Zebulun, son of Austin and Hannah, died 24 March 1745, aged 3 yrs, 2 m, 5 dy.

BONNEY        R-1  P-2  S-6
        Helen Maria, dau of John and Poly, died 1 Oct. 1849, aged 2 yrs.

BONNEY        R-1  P-2  S-6
        Samuel Otis, son of John and Polly, died 11 Sept. 1847, aged 2 yrs, 3 m, 13 dys.
                (both of the above on the same stone)


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