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SEARS        R-8  P-9  S-6
        Hannah, wife of William, died 31 Aug. 1822, in her 25th year.

SEARS        R-8  P-9  S-6
        ———, Infant of William and Hannah. No dates. These two on one stone.

SEARS        R-2  P-4  S-1
        Mercy, wife of Holmes, died 13 Sept 1788, in her 33rd year.

SEDMANS        R-9  P-11  S-3
        Mary, Mrs., died 15 Oct. 1843, aged 95 years.

SHAW        R-1  P-7  S-6
        Lemuel, died 11 April 1759, aged 22 years, 3 months.

SILVA        R-2  P-10  S-3
        William O. T., died 20 March 1836, aged 10 years, 1 month.

SOULE *        R-1  P-4  S-2
        Abigail F., wife of Nathaniel Soule, died 17 Mar 1873, age 67 years.

SOULE *        R-1  P-4  S-1
        Nathaniel, died 18 Jan 1889, age 85 years, 3 months.

STURTEVANT        R-2  P-9  S-1
        Abigail, widow of Dependence, died 5 Oct 1840, aged 92 years.

STURTEVANT *        R-1  P-4  S-4
        Abigail, wife of Amasa, died 3 Jan 1852, age 86 years.

STURTEVANT *        R-l  P-4  S-3
        Amasa, died 8 May 1852, age 86 years.

STURTEVANT        R-2  P-10  S-1
        Anna, widow of Paul, died 20 May 1868, aged 98 years, 5 months, 11 days.

STURTEVANT        R-3  P-6  S-1
        Azubah, widow of Jabez, died 28 Oct 1808, in his 68th year.

STURTEVANT        R-2  P-5  S-2
        Caleb, died 7 Oct 1793, in his 78th year.

STURTEVANT        Could not locate
        Caleb, Jr., died 2 Oct. 1793 in his 23rd year.



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