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WATERMAN        R-2  P-7  S-2
        Nathaniel, son of Samuel and Mary, born 23 Sept. 1752; died 11 Jan 1754.

WATERMAN        R-2  P-7  S-5
        Olive, dau of Samuel and Mary, born 26 Oct 1758; died 14 Jan 1759.
                (His second wife, Mary Fuller- See Halifax Vital Records)

WATERMAN        R-9  P-10  S-1
        Phebe, dau of Isaac and Lucy, died 18 Dec 1802, aged 20 years.

WATERMAN        R-5  P-10  S-6
        Priscilla, dau of Eleazer and Alice, born 15 Sept 1746; died 9 June 1747.

WATERMAN        R-6  P-11  S-1
        Priscilla, died 18 July 1844, in her 89th year.

WATERMAN        R-3  P-9  S-9
        Robert, son of Deacon Robert & Martha, died 18 Dec 1748, aged 3 mon 3 days.

WATERMAN        R-2  P-8  S-3
        Robert, died 16 Jan 1749 in his 69th year.

WATERMAN        R-2  P-7  S-3
        Robert, son of Samuel and Mary, died 27 Sept 1756, aged 1 year, 7 mon, 12 days.

WATERMAN        R-3  P-9  S-4
        Robert, Deacon, died 8 Sept 1761, in his 49th year.

WATERMAN        R-2  P-8  S-4
        Robert, son of Samuel and Mary, died 1 Feb 1763, aged 7 months, 6 days.

WATERMAN        R-5  P-10  S-9
        Ruth, dau of Eleazer and Alice, died 31 Dec 1754, in her 9th month.

WATERMAN        R-6  P-10  S-3
        Ruth, dau of Eleazer and Alice, died 25 Apr 1759, in her 9th month.

WATERMAN *        R-5  P-7  S-1
        Saba T., wife of Bradford Waterman, died 23 Nov 1885, age 40 years, 8 days.

WATERMAN *        R-5  P-8  S-1
        Sarah A., wife of Jonathan Waterman, d-21 Feb 1864, age 40 yrs, 5 mon, 2 days.

WATERMAN        R-8  P-10  S-11
        Sarah, widow of Moses, died 6 Dec 1848, in her 79th year.



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