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Gravestone Transcriptions
Sturtevant Cemetery (1728)
Halifax, Massachusetts

Transcribed by Anna N. Sturtevant
Summer, 1997




     Between 1910 and 1912 Mayflower Descendant published transcriptions, made in 1906, of the pre-1851 gravestones in the Sturtevant Cemerty in Halifax (referred to there as the Monponsett Lake Cemetery). Those transcriptions are posted elsewhere on this site. In 1997 Anna Sturtevant prepared a new set of transcriptions of all existing gravestones. She also prepared a plan of the cemetery and illustrations of all of the gravestones with an indexing system to aid in locating specific graves. In this posting of Anna's work I have included all of her transcriptions and her plan of the cemetery. I have converted her illustrations of the gravestones into electronic form to provide a virtual cemetery.

     Until now these transcriptions have been available to researchers only by consulting Anna's manuscript at the Holmes Public Library in Halifax or by corresponding with Anna. I would like to thank her for making them available on this site so that a wider audience may benefit from her hard work.

     Anna's text includes some notes providing information that is not found on the gravestones. I have added notes [in square brackets and in red] providing some additional information. I have also re-arranged the contents of the manuscript as noted on the page describing the Virtual Cemetery.



Reproduction of Cemetery Deed
Explanation of Details
Overall Grid Plan
Listing of Gravestone Records
Details of Individual Plots
Navigating the Virtual Cemetery



Batchelder   Bearse   Bonney   Bosworth   Bourne   Briggs   Bryant
Carter   Chipman   Churchill   Cook   Cornish   Croade   Curtis   Cushing
Faelton   Faxon   Fuller
Gould   Grover
Hall   Hallain   Harlow   Holmes   Howe
Packard   Palmer   Parker   Pope   Porter   Pratt
Richmond   Rider   Riding   Ripley
Sears   Sedmans   Shaw   Silva   Soule   Sturtevant   Sylvester
Thayer   Thrasher   Tomson
Waterman   White


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