[Mayflower Descendant, 13 [1911]:235]

  Records from the Cemetery at Harwich Centre 235




   IN 1905, the gravestone inscriptions dated prior to 1850, with a few of later date, in the Cemetery at Harwich Centre, Mass., were copied for the present writer, and presented to the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants.   In July, 1909, he, with the assistance of Mr. John W. Willard, carefully compared these copies with the records on the stones.   All genealogical facts in the inscriptions will be found in the following abstracts.

Anna, wife of Seth, died 4 September, 1837, in her 71st year.
Freeman, died 13 September, 1832, in his 24th year.
Freeman D., son of John and Bethiah, died 7 February, 1805, aged 4 years, 6 months.
Freeman D., son of Thomas and Lucy, died 12 April, 1828, aged 15.
John G., son of Joseph and Ruth, died 9 May, 1850, aged 1 year, 29 days.
Lucy, wife of Thomas, died 17 August, 1847, aged 60.   "A mother fond"
Lydia, wife of Paine, died 12 January, 1841, aged 71 yrs.   [On her husband's stone.]
Olive, wife of Capt. Samuel, died 1 July, 1850, aged so years, 9 months.   [On her husband's stone.]
Paine, died 13 October, 1855, aged 92 years.   [On stone with wife Lydia.]
Rebecca, wife of Elisha, died 7 October, 1841, aged 69.
Rebecca, wife of William, died 2 January, 1845, aged 96 years.
Rosanna, wife of Capt. Braddock P., died 17 March, 1849, aged 27.   "Mourn not for me my Husband"
Samuel, Capt., lost at sea, in October, 1830, aged 35 years.   [On stone with wife Olive.]
Seth, died 14 January, 1838, in his 83d year.
William, died 20 July, 1809, in his 58th year.

Elizabeth, Mrs., died 4 January, 1849, aged 57 years.   [On stone with Nathan, who died 1826.]
Frederic, son of Joseph and Jane, died 12 June, 1821, aged 2 years, 10 months.


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