[Mayflower Descendant, 19 [1917]:157]

  East Harwich, Mass., Gravestone Records 157




   IN September, 1917, the writer, with the assistance of Mr. William C. Smith, copied and carefully checked the inscriptions on all the gravestones in the Old Methodist Cemetery in East Harwich, Mass., on the north side of the old highway from Chatham to North Harwich.   The inscription on the only remaining stone in an abandoned cemetery on the west side of the main road between East Harwich and Harwich Centre, and about two miles from the Methodist Church at East Harwich, was copied the same day.
   The following abstracts include all the information contained in these inscriptions.

Ryder, Harding, Jr., died 14 October, 1843, aged 27 years.

Baker, Anthony, died 24 April, 1853, aged 87 years, 4 months, 24 days.
Baker, Joseph, died 13 April, 1831, aged 44.
Baker, Mehitable, wife of Anthony, died 8 December, 1815, aged 50.
Bassett, Nathaniel, died 4 January, 1832, aged 77 years.
Eldridge, Mrs.,* wife of Seth, died 17 November, 1827, aged 45.
Eldredge, Elizabeth, wife of William, Esq., died 19 May, 1833, aged 75.
Eldredge, Huldah, wife of Washington, died 3 October, 1827, aged 47.
Eldridge, Isaiah, died 1 November, 1828, aged 65.
Eldredge, Judah, died 13 February, 1837, in his 93d year.   "Farewell to all below the sun Friends, neighbors, children all in one"
Eldredge, Mercy, wife of Judah, died 13 October, 1829, in her 81st year.
Eldridge, Sally, wife of Bani, Jr.; "& late wife of Washington Eldridge"; died 23 December, 1840, in her 48th year.
Eldredge, Seth, died 1 November, 1851, aged 73.

        * The given name was not put on the stone.


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