xiv Abbreviations.  

est. estate.         L. O. Lake Ontario.
Exped. Expedition.         m. married.
                  Maj. Major.
fa. father.         Manufr. Manufacturer.
fam. family.         Mass. Massachusetts.
Feb. February.         Md. Maryland.
Fla. Florida.         M. D. Doctor of Medicine.
foll. { follow.         Me. Maine.
following.         Mf'd. Marshfield.
                  m'ge. marriage.
Gen. Genealogical.         Mich. Michigan.
gen. generation.         Minn. Minnesota.
Genl. General.         M. M. S. S. Member of the Mas-
Ger. Germany.                    sachusetts Medical
Gov. Governor.                    Society.
grad. graduated.         Mo. { Missouri.
gr. ch. grandchildren.         mother.
gr. fa. grandfather.         mo's. months.
gr.s. grandson.         MS. manuscript.
                  M. V. I. Massachusetts Volun-
Han. Hanover.                    teer Infantry.
Har. Coll. Harvard College.                  
H. D. Hobart's Diary.         N. North.
Hing. Hingham.         Natl. National.
Hist. History.         N. B. New Brunswick.
Hon. Honorable.         N. C. North Carolina.
hus. husband.         N. H. New Hampshire.
                  N. J. New Jersey.
Ill. Illinois.         Nov. November.
inc. { including.         N. S. Nova Scotia.
inclusive.         N. W. Northwest.
Ins. Insurance.         N. Y. New York.
Inst. Institute.                  
int. intention.         Oct. October.
Inv. Inventory.         Ont. Ontario.
Ire. Ireland.         opp. opposite.
                  ord. ordained.
Jan. January.                  
Jr. } Junior.         p. page.
Junr.         pp. pages.
                  Pa. } Pennsylvania.
kn. { know.         Penn.
known.         P. E. I. Prince Edward
La. Louisiana.         Pem. Pembroke.
L. C. Lower Canada.         perh. perhaps.
L. I. Long Island.         Ply. Plymouth.
lib. liberty.         Pres't. President.
Lieut. Lieutenant.         pro. { probate.
LL.B. Bachelor of Laws.         proved.
LL.D. Doctor of Laws.         prob. probably.


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