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[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   MILES DUNHAM (Lewis = Almira O. Dunham), b. at Boston, Apr. 10, 1844.   m. Apr. 5, 1863, Melissa Ann Manuel, dau. of John and Mary Stodder (Lincoln) Manuel.   She was b. in Hing. Nov. 5, 1845.   "Master mariner."   Resides on Fort Hill St.
   Ch., —

   i.   MILES LEWIS, March 29, 1864, d. 6 Oct. 1865.
   ii.   ALMIRA OLIVE, Feb. 15, 1867.   m. Nov. 24, 1887, John O. Hill. (3:337)
   iii.   FLORENCE MAY, July 10, 1876.


[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   JOHN ALBION (Jonathan = Nancy Green Pierce), b. at Windham, Me., May 31, 1818.   m. in Hing. Dec. 24, 1848, Eliza Jones Hersey, dau. of Charles and Eliza Cushing (Jones) Hersey.   She was b. in Hing. Sept. 2, 1826.   He d. suddenly, at Boston, 30 Oct. 1867, æt. 49th yr.   "Attorney-at-law."   Was grad. at Bowdoin Coll. 1837; chosen Governor of Massachusetts, Nov. 1860, and held the office five yrs.   Was a resident of Hing. for many seasons, during the summer and autumn months, occupying houses situated on Main, near Water, St., on South St., and on Summer St.
   Ch., —

   i.   CHARLES ALBION, b. in Hing. Oct. 28, 1849, d. 28 Sept. 1850.
   ii.   JOHN FORRESTER, b. in Hing. Nov. 26, 1850, is m. and resides at Boston.
   iii.   ELIZABETH LORING, b. in Hing. July 29, 1852.
   iv.   EDITH, b. in Hing. Apr. 5, 1854.
   v.   HENRY HERSEY, b. at Boston, Apr. 28, 1858.


   1.   THOMAS, and his s. Joseph2, came from Devonshire, Eng., and settled in our Hing. prior to the arrival of Rev. Peter Hobart and his company in 1635.   At the first drawing of house-lots, Sept. 18, 1635, he had five acres (including back land) granted to him on Town (North) St.   His lot was the one upon which now stands the dwelling owned by heirs of the late Perez Lincoln.   Whether he was related to any of the persons bearing this surname among the early settlers of Taunton, Ipswich, Cambridge, Dorchester, and other places in Eastern Massachusetts is uncertain.   He was aged, and prob. old enough to have been the fa. of the Thomas who settled at Dorchester in 1634, and who had a s. Thomas bt. there June 23, 1639; but there is no rec. showing such a connection.   Rev. Peter Hobart of Hing. wrote in his diary under date of Aug. 21, 1643, "Old Thomas Andrews dyed."   From this expression I am led to infer that there were other persons bearing the same name who were kn. to Mr. Hobart; although in Hing. there was but one of the name, and he a lad of but ten or eleven yrs. of age.

   2.   JOSEPH2 (Thomas1), b. at Devonshire, Eng., ab. 1597, came early to Hing., and had a grant of a house-lot on Town (North) St., Sept. 18, 1635.   The lot was next west of his father's, and contained five acres, inc. back land.   At the May court in 1635 he was sworn as constable.   In 1636, 1637, and 1638 he was one of the representatives of the town at the General Court.   He also was the first town clerk of Hing.   He


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