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and d. in Hing. 14 Nov. 1830, æt. 25 yrs.   For his third w. he m. in Hing. Jan. 4, 1832, Mrs. Susan N. (Cushing) Lincoln, the wid. of Bela Lincoln of Boston, and dau. of Joel and Eunice Cushing.   She was b. at Boston, Apr. 1, 1806, and. d. in Hing. 17 Aug. 1878, æt. 72 yrs.   Caleb, d. at Taunton, Mass., 12 July, 1877, æt. 83d yr.   "Miller," and proprietor of a livery stable.   Resided on North St., near the harbor.
   Child, by w. Mary, —

   i.   JAMES JONES, May 16, 1822, d. 3 Sept. foll.

   Child, b. in Hing., by w. Maria, —

   ii.   MARIA, Aug. 14, 1830, d. 30 June, 1831.

   Ch., b. in Hing., by w. Susan, —

   iii.   JAMES JONES, Oct. 28, 1832.   m. May 1, 1859, Ellen M. Merritt of Scit.   Removed to Scit.
   iv.   SUSAN LINCOLN, May 18, 1836, d. 9 Nov. 1837.
   v.   CALEB FRANKLIN, June 8, 1838, d. 7 June, 1852, æt. 14th yr.
   vi.   CHARLES HAYWARD, May 1, 1842.   m. Nov. 21, 1867, Ellen, dau. of Jairus and Hannah L. (Waters) Sprague.   Resides in Boston.

   HAYWARDii, b. at Scit. 1805.   m. in Hing. by Rev. Stephen Puffer, Nov. 8, 1827, Judith Goold, dau. of Robert and Mary (Lincoln) Goold.   She was b. in Hing. July 31, 1804. and d. at Jewett City, Conn., 2 July, 1889, æt. 85th yr. (3:337)   He d. at Worcester, Mass., 26 Dec. 1844, æt. 39 yrs.   "Miller."   Resided on North St., near Goold's Bridge.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., —

   i.   MARY ELIZA, March 20, 1829, d. 3 March, 1830.
   ii.   HAYWARD, Dec. 19, 1831, d. 12 Dec. 1834.
   iii.   ABBIE GOOLD, Feb. 5, 1834.   m. Apr. 16, 1861, Edward M. Anthony of Coventry, R. I.
   iv.   LYDIA JANE, Apr. 14, 1843, d. 21 Aug. 1868, æt. 25 yrs.

   NOTE. — Ruth, m. May 25, 1694, Henry Ward.   William, m. Nov. 9, 1758, Submit, dau. of Joseph and Bathsheba (Bate) Clark.   She was b. in Hing. sec. pre. Sept. 1, 1733.   Esther, m. Oct. 10, 1782, Matthew White, Jr., of Wey.   Jane, m. July 6, 1783, John Murphy, and d. 31 Jan. 1797, æt. 40 yrs.   Gad, m. Dec. 10, 1807, Thankful Loring.   Loring, a silversmith and buckle-maker, d. unm. Jan. 1814.   Loring Bailey's shop was near "Broad Bridge."


   NICHOLASi and NATHANIELii came to Hing. in 1635.   They were brothers, and when the first house-lots were drawn, Sept. 18, 1635, they had adjoining lots of five acres each granted to them on Town (North, near Beal) St.   Hence the name of the sightly eminence in that locality known as Baker's Hill.

   NICHOLASi, was a delegate from Hing. to the General Court in May, 1636, and again in May, 1638.   He was twice m.   His first w. d. (prob. at Scit.), 23 Apr. 1661, and on the 29 of Apr. 1662, he took a sec. w. whose chris. name was Grace.   He removed early (1644 or 1645?) to Hull, where he lived and was an extensive land-owner, until he received an invitation to preach at Scit., which invitation was accepted.   He was ordained minister at Scit. in 1660.   He d. 22 Aug. 1678.   Foll. is an abstract of his will: To w. Grace, half of my dw.-house at Hull, and the lands adj. Thomas James's lot; swamp at Allerton's Hill; a


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