38 Bates.  


   1.   CLEMENT, aged 40 yrs. with Anna his wife, who also was 40 yrs. of age, and five ch. embarked at London for New England, Apr. 6, 1635, in the ship "Elizabeth," of which William Stagg was master.   He came to Hing. ab. the time Rev. Peter Hobart and his followers arrived, and on the 18th of Sept. 1635, received a grant of land on Town (South) St.   This lot contained five acres, and was bounded on the N. E. by George Russell, and S. W. by Thomas Johnson.   It was the fifth in number from Bachelor (Main) St. and has been in possession of the descendants of the original grantee for nearly two and a half centuries.   In 1883 the estate, including the ancient dwelling-house formerly known as the "Anchor Tavern," was sold to the owners of the land adjoining.   A portion of the estate, however, has since been repurchased; and on the spot where the old house stood a dwelling of modern style has been erected, which is occupied by a descendant.
   The name Bate was a common one in England for nearly two centuries before the Puritans took their departure for New England, and the ancestors of Clement are traceable for five generations prior to that period; thus, THOMAS BATE1 of Lydd, Parish of All Hallows, d. in 1485, leaving a s. John, who d. in 1522.   JOHN2 (Thomas1), had a s. Andrew, who d. at Lydd in 1533, leaving four sons.   ANDREW3 (John2 Thomas1), had a s. JOHN4 of Lydd, who d. there in 1580, leaving three sons, one of whom, JAMES5, who d. at Lydd in 1614, was the fa. of Clement of Hingham, Mass., and also of Edward, who settled at Wey., Mass., and of James of Dor. Mass.   Anna, wife of Clement, d. in Hing. 1 Oct. 1669, æt. 74 yrs.   Clement d. 17 Sept. 1671, æt. 76 yrs.   In his will, dated at Hing. 12 Oct. 1669, gives to eldest s. James, "my house-lot next adjoining to my son Joseph, containing four acres, which was given unto me by the town.   To sons Joseph and Benjamin, land and other valuables.   To son Samuel, my now dwelling-house with the lot of five acres which the house stands upon.   Also all my household stuff to my four sons," etc.
   The ch. of Clement and Anna Bates were —

2. i.   JAMES, 1621.
   ii.   CLEMENT, 1623, drowned Nov. 1639.
   iii.   RACHEL, 1627, d. June, 1647.
3. iv.   JOSEPH, 1630.
4. v.   BENJAMIN, 1633.
5. vi.   SAMUEL, bt. in Hing. March 24, 1639.

   2.   JAMES2 (Clement1), b. in Eng. ab. 1621.   m. in Hing. Mass., Apr. 19, 1643, Ruth, dau. of John and Sarah Lyford.   She d. in Hing. 9 March, 1689-90.   He d. 5 July, 1689, æt. 68 yrs.   His will, dated 27 June, 1689, was proved 1 Sept. foll.   "Schoolmaster," and in 1678 Selectman.   Resided on South St.   Was in Scit. several years, i. e. between 1642 and 1650.
   Ch., —

   i.   HOPESTILL, bt. Dec. 12, 1644, d. same day.
   ii.   CLEMENT, bt. Oct. 19, 1645, d. young.
   iii.   JAMES (and John mentioned in their fa's will, but not on Hing. records).
   iv.   JOHN, Deane's History says, "b. in Scituate, 1649," d. 7 June, 1690.
   v.   RUTH, bt. in Hing. Sept. 2, 1651.


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