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his remains were buried at Boston.   Of his fam. I kn. but little; nor do the pub. accounts relating thereto afford much reliable information.   He prob. left a wid. and five or six ch.   The Diary of Rev. Peter Hobart of Hing. has the foll.: "May 18, 1648.   Widow Bosworth died."
   The names of Edward's sons, prob. b. in Eng., were —

   i.   EDWARD.   (See "Colonial Records," p. 152.)
2. ii.   JONATHAN, b. ab. 1611.
3. iii.   BENJAMIN, b. ab. 1613.
4. iv.   NATHANIEL, ——.

   2.   JONATHAN2 (Edward1), had a house-lot of two acres granted him in Hing. 1637.   The lot was on Bachelor (Main) St., not far from what is now the corner of South St.   After residing here a few yrs. he removed to Swanzea.   The chris. name of his w. was Susanna.   The names of their ch. bt. in Hing. are prob. given in the subjoined note.

   3.   BENJAMIN2 (Edward1), had a grant of land at Weary-all (Otis) Hill, Hing. in 1635; and the year foll. a lot of five acres on Town (South) St., near West and Fort Hill Sts.   He removed to Hull before 1660, and d. there 5 Nov. 1682.   Freeman, 1666.   In the settlement of his est. Robert Goold of Hull and Benjamin Bosworth of Hull had equal shares.
   Ch., so far as I can ascertain, were —

   i.   ELIZABETH, bt. in Hing. Nov. 18, 1638.   m. Robert Goold of Hull.
   ii.   BENJAMIN, bt. in Hing. Apr. 1647.   Resided at Hull; was made freeman, 1673.

   4.   NATHANIEL2 (Edward1), youngest of the four bro's, all of whom were passengers, with their parents, in the "Elizabeth Dorcas," 1634, was in Hing. as early as 1635.   He had land granted him at Nantasket in 1642, and prob. resided there.   He d. 13 Aug. 1693.
   Among his ch. (see note subjoined) were —

   i.   MARY, m. John Lobdell.
   ii.   NATHANIEL.
   Dec. 7, 1693, Mary Bosworth, wid. of Nathaniel Bosworth of Hull, "fisherman," deceased, etc., was appointed administratrix of her late hus. est. — S. P. R.

      NOTE. — Ch., of the surname Bosworth, bt. by Rev. Peter Hobart of Hing., were —
   ELIZABETH, Nov. 18, 1638. HANNAH, July 10, 1650.
   REBECCA, dau. of Jonathan, Feb. 1641. DELIVERANCE, Aug. 4, 1650.
   BETHIA, Jan. 1644. JOSEPH, June 6, 1652.
   BENJAMIN, Apr. 1647. BELANY, Nov. 30, 1654.
   MEHITABLE, Apr. 1647. MARY, dau. of Nathaniel, Oct. 4, 1657.
   MARY, Apr. 1647. EDWARD, May 29, 1659.
   NATHANIEL, July 29, 1649. BRIDGET, Aug. 19, 1660.
   JEREMIAH, July 29, 1649. BENJAMIN, Aug. 9, 1668.


   FIELDER (Henry = Mary Fielders), b. at Cookfield, Eug., Aug. 19, 1812.   m. in Hing. Apr. 27, 1842, Martha B. Nichols, dau. of David F. and Nancy Nichols.   She was b. at Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 25, 1821, and d. in Hing. 23 Sept. 1883, æt. 62d yr.   "Shoemaker."   Resides on Leavitt St.


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