Brewer — Briggs — Bronsdon. 93


   WILLIAM, m. in Hing. Jan. 10, 1781, Experience Pittee, and had
   Ch., —

   i.   WILLIAM, bt. in Hing. July 21, 1782.
   ii.   MARY, ——.   m. Samuel Bronsdon, and they had Samuel, who d. in Hing. 10 March, 1885.
   iii.   SALLY, ——.   m. David Pittee.

   JOHN REED (Thomas = Abigail Stone), prob. a descendant from Daniel Brewer, who arrived in Roxbury, Mass., from Eng. 1632, was b. at Boston, Apr. 8, 1818.   During his active business life he was a merchant at Boston.   Having been a summer resident in Hing. for a number of yrs., he purchased land, and in 1856 moved into the house erected and now occupied by him on Martin's Lane, where he had one of the most extensive farms in this vicinity.   He m. July 24, 1843, Caroline Francoeur, dau. of Willard Sayles of Boston.   She d. in Hing. 3 July, 1887, æt. 66 yrs.
   Ch., —

   iii.   HELEN RENOUF.   m. Genl. Wilmon W. Blackmar of Boston.
   iv.   FANNIE REED.

Sometimes written BRIDGES on Old Records.

[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   MATTHIAS, m. in Hing. May 9, 1648, Deborah Cushing, dau. of Matthew and Nazareth (Pitcher) Cushing.   She was b. in Eng. Feb. 17, 1624-25, and d. in Hing. 25 Sept. 1700, æt. 76th yr.   He d. 24 Feb. 1696-97.   Resided on Main St., at or near Pear Tree Hill.   No further information concerning this fam. is given on Hing. rec's.

   JOSEPH JR., of Scit., had one child, bt. in Hing. sec. pre., viz.:

   i.   RUTH, Apr. 26, 1724.

   JOSEPH, had ch., bt. in Hing. sec. pre., as foll.: —

   i.   BARNABAS, July 12, 1751.
   ii.   SETH, June 20, 1756.   m. Jan. 31, 1779, Deborah, dau. of Thomas and Ruth (Nichols) Lothrop, and had ch.: 1. Thomas, 1780.   2. Rachel, 1782.   3. Warren, 1785.

   NOTE. — Peter, and Anna, bt. Aug. 2, 1646.   John, bt. Dec. 20, 1646.   Capt. Benjamin of Scit., m. in Hing. sec. pre. Nov. 26, 1747, Mrs. Anna Doane, wid.; Solomon, of Norton m. Feb. 7, 1763, Mary Lincoln; Joseph, of Coh. m. March 2, 1785, Betsey Stodder; Abigail S., m. Nov. 28, 1821, James S. Lewis; Mary F., m. Apr. 13, 1815, Elijah W. Lewis; Henry C., m. Aug. 3, 1851, Mary E. Ridgeway; Sarah J., m. Nov. 4, 1851, Warren Pool, widr.


   SAMUEL (Samuel = Mary Brewer), b. at Milton, Mass., Nov. 29, 1819, m. in Hing. June 1, 1843, Deborah K. Whiton, dau. of Isaiah and Martha D. (Easterbrook) Whiton.   She was b. in Hing. May 19, 1820, and d. 10 Oct. 1876, æt. 56 yrs.   He d. 10 March, 1885, æt. 65 yrs.   "Piano-forte finisher."   Resided on South St. near Magoon's Bridge.


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