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   THOMAS, prob. the ancestor of all who have borne this surname in the United States up to the present century, came to Hing. among the early settlers, and in 1637 drew a house-lot of two acres on Bachelor, now Main St., nearly opposite the present meeting-house of the First Parish.   Other lands were also granted him the same yr. for planting purposes.   He prob. remained here until 1642, when he occupied land granted him at Nantasket (Hull), and resided there until ab. 1659.   He then removed to Swanzea.   In his will of 1680, reference is made to his being "of great age."   He d. in 1683 leaving sons Nathaniel and Joseph, from whom have descended a highly respectable posterity.


   HENRY, with his w. and mother and two ch., came from Hing. in Old Eng., to Hing. in New Eng. 1638.   He had land granted him the same yr. by the town, but finally settled at Hull, where he d. ab. 1674.   Wid. Christian Chamberlin, prob. his mother, d. in Hing. 19 Apr. 1659.   The inv. of his est. appraised by Nathaniel Bosworth and Thomas Loring, 27 Apr. 1675, inc. a five-acre lot in Hing., a lot at Old Planter's Hill, and ten acres on the Plain.   "Chamberlin's Run," near "Rocky Hill," prob. took its name from him.   He was by occupation "blacksmith."

   1.   KINSMAN, b. at Brookfield, N. H., 1811.   m. in Hing. Sept. 8, 1833, Susan B. Stodder, or Stoddard, dau. of Thomas and Charlotte (Beal) Stodder.   She was b. in Hing. Jan. 28, 1815, and d. at Wey. 16 Feb. 1887, æt. 72 yrs.   "Shoemaker."   Resided on Fort Hill St., until he removed to Wey.
   Ch., —

   i.   SARAH, b. at Wey. July 7, 1835.   m. in Hing. Dec. 14, 1851, Nathaniel B. Peare.
2. ii.   KINSMAN STODDARD, b. in Hing. Apr. 12, 1837.
   iii.   ABBIE BURLEIGH, b. at Wey. Oct. 24, 1838.   m. in Hing. Nov. 16, 1859, James M. Brant.

   2.   KINSMAN S. (Kinsman = Susan B. Stoddard), b. in Hing. Apr. 12, 1837.   m. Sept. 20, 1861, Valentia L. Blaisdell, dau. of David H. and Eleanor B. (Gross) Blaisdell.   She was b. at Rockland, Me., March 2, 1841.   "Cabinet-maker."   Resides on Hersey St.
   Child, b. in Hing., —

   i.   DAVID BLAISDELL, Sept. 22, 1862; Har. Coll. 1886.

   NOTE. — Daniel, bt. in Hing. March 17, 1639.   Sarah, bt. in Hing. Sept. 26, 1641.   Nathaniel, bt. in Hing. Nov. 26, 1643.   Ebenezer, d. 28 Oct. 1646.   Sarah, bt. in Hing. June 6, 1652.   John, of Hull, bt. in Hing. Aug. 27, 1654.   Benjamin, bt. in Hing. May, 1662.   John, d. 28 March, 1679.   Benjamin, m. Oct. 13, 1685, Mary, dau. of Edward Wright.   Mary, dau. of Henry, m. Oct. 13, 1685, Thomas Soyer, or Sayer.   Henry, m. (pub. May 14, 1714) Lydia Vinton.   Lydia, m. Sept. 24, 1739, James Lawson.   Benjamin, of Boston m. Dec. 4, 1817, Eliza W., dau. of Capt. Thomas Harding.   She d. 10 Aug. 1818, æt. 21st yr.   Martha A., m. June 13, 1861, Charles W. S. Seymour.

CHAPMAN. [3:341]

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Supplement]

   OLD CHAPMAN (prob. William), d. Nov. 1639.


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