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[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   NOTE. — Josiah, m. Dec. 9, 1790, Nancy Bowen.   Abigail, m. Feb. 6, 1800, Barker Bryant.   Margaret, m. June 24, 1804, Eliakim Stowell, and d. 3 Nov. 1811, æt. 31 yrs.   Chloe, m. Nov. 1, 1820, Asa Bates, Jr.   Henry, d. 21 Aug. 1836, æt. 52 yrs.   George W., from N. H. m. Ap. 7, 1852, Mary L. Gardner.   George A.,* m. Nov. 19, 1874, Fannie M. Leavitt.   (*See "Hingham in the Civil War.").


[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   1.   RICHARD, b. 1608, arrived at Boston, 1630; freeman, 1632; and from 1633 to 1649 inc. a resident of Ply. Mass.   Subsequently he was for a short time at Eastham, removing thence to Charlestown.   Jan. 24, 1653, he purchased of Thomas Joy "one halfe or moytie of his Corne mill standeing vpon ye Ryuer caled ye towne Coue in hingham.   It is with ye damme head & streame thereunto belongeing and halfe ye lott of Lande Lying there unto contayneing fower or six acres wch was formerly ye lands of Abraham Martyn," etc. (S. R. Vol. II. pp. 82, 83).   Richard, without doubt, was a resident of Hing. during the remainder of his life.   He m. ab. 1636 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth (Jouatt) Warren, who, in 1620, came to Plymouth in the "Mayflower."   She d. in Hing. 4 March, 1670.   He d. at Dedham, 27 Dec. 1668, "though he was buried in Hing., and his will was made here."   "Carpenter."   Selectman in 1665.   Resided on the spot now owned and occupied by heirs of the late Col. Charles Lane, on North St.
   Ch., —

   i.   ELIZABETH, b. at Ply. 1636 or 1637.   m. in Hing. Jan. 20, 1657-58, Caleb Hobart, and d. 3 Feb. 1658-59.
2. ii.   JOSEPH, 1638.
   iii.   BENJAMIN, 1640.   m. Dec. 26, 1667, Alice Southworth, and d. at Little Compton, 17 Jan. 1717-18.   Their s. Capt. Thomas, m. in Hing. for his third w. Oct. 10, 1719, Sarah, dau. of Francis and Mary Horswell.   Benjamin was known as "Captain," and afts. as "Colonel."   He was the distinguished hero of the Indian Wars, and commanded the party by which King Philip was slain.   (See WINDSOR'S "Duxbury," and BARRY'S "Hanover.")   Some have thought Col. Benjamin was a nephew of Richard; but this seems somewhat improbable from the fact that the date of his m., Dec. 26, 1667, was recorded in Hing. by Rev. Peter Hobart, who, prob. would not have entered in his diary a marriage occurring in another town, had not one at least of the parties m. been closely connected with those of the name in Hing.
3. iv.   CALEB, ——.
4. v.   NATHANIEL, ——.
   vi.   HANNAH, ——.
   vii.   ABIGAIL, June 22, 1647.   m. in Hing. Dec. 19, 1666, Samuel Thaxter, and d. 25 Dec. 1677.
   viii.   CHARLES, ——, killed in Hing. by the overturning of his cart, 30 Oct. 1659.
   ix.   RICHARD, ——, d. soon.
   x.   SARAH, ——.   m. in Hing. Dec. 8, 1674, James Burross.
   xi.   MARY, ——, d. at Dux. 30 Apr. 1662.
   xii.   DEBORAH, bt. in Hing. March 22, 1656-57.   m. John Irish, Jr.

   2.   JOSEPH2 (Richard1), prob. came to Hing. with his parents, 1653, and m. here, Dec. 30, 1660, Mary, dau. of John Tucker.   This fam. removed from Hing. soon after the birth of the youngest dau., as will be seen by the foll.: "May 26, 1679, Joseph Church late of Hing. 'carpenter,' and Mary his wife in consideration of £114, sells to John Norton, pastor of the Church of Christ in Hingham all those their three lots of land which Richard Church, father of the said Joseph, formerly purchased of Ensign John Thaxter, with the dwelling-house,


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