Clapp — Clark. 129

Wey. 20 Feb. 1880, æt. 72d yr.   "Blacksmith."   Resided at Weir River, but removed and was last heard from in Cal.
   Ch., prob. all b. in Hing., —

   i.   CHARLES C., Oct. 13, 1828, d. at Scit. 26 Feb. 1864, æt. 35 yrs.
   ii.   WALLACE, ——.   Resides at Wey.
   iii.   GEORGE A., 1836.   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.'")
   iv.   ELIZABETH ANN, Feb. 6, 1838.   m. Jan. 23, 1859, Francis Overton, and d. 13 Jan. 1862, æt. 24th yr.
   v.   ALBERT OTIS, March 31, 1840, d. at Wey. 1 Oct. 1865, æt. 26th yr.
   vi.   EMELINE F., m. Calvin S. Hall, and d. 16 June, 1867, æt. 25th yr.
   vii.   MARY ABBY, ——.   Resides at New York.

   NOTE. — Samuel, of Scit. m. June 13, 1666, Hannah Gill, dau. of Thomas1 of Hing.   Nehemiah, m. Apr. 17, 1678, Sarah Leavitt.   Prudence, m. Feb. 13, 1660, Simon Peck.   John, of Scit. m. Dec. 16, 1702, Hannah Gill, dau. of Thomas2 of Hing.   Deborah of Scit. m. (pub. Aug. 15, 1713) Joseph Bate.   John, of Scit. m. May 7, 1761, Chloe Stowers.   Abigail, m. June 4, 1797, Joseph Hammond, Jr.   Anna M., m. Nov. 8, 1859, Henry C. French.   Edwin, of Wey. m. Feb. 21, 1871, Frances H. Whiton.   Desire, of Scit. m. Job Loring of Hing.   Alfred, m. Jan. 30, 1877, Frances M. Hersey.


   JOHN3 of Ply. (James2 Thomas1), who came to P. 1623, in the "Ann"), m. in Hing. May 14, 1695, Rebecca, dau. of Samuel and Martha Lincoln.   She was b. in Hing. March 11, 1673-74, and surviving him, m. secondly, June 24, 1725, Israel Nichols, widr., of Hing.
   Ch., prob. b. at Ply., were —

   i.   JAMES, 1696.
   ii.   ABIGAIL, 1698.   m. in Hing. Feb. 20, 1734-35, Josiah Hathaway of Dighton.
   iii.   JOHN, 1701.   m. 1725, Rebecea Hathaway of Dighton.
   iv.   JOSEPH, 1704.   m. (pub. in Hing. March 28, 1730) Elizabeth Alcock of Boston.
   v.   MARTHA, ——.   m. Dec. 28, 1732, Isaac Bate of Hing.
   vi.   MARY, 1712.   m. Nov. 19, 1730, Jacob Bate of Hing.

   NOTE. — Perhaps the two foll. may belong in this fam.: Hannah, ——.   m. in Hing. Apr. 11, 1727, Francis Smith.   Ann, ——.   m. in Hing. Dec. 12, 1728, Samuel Garnet.

   JOSEPH, prob. from Scit., m. Bathsheba Bate, dau. of Joshua and Rachel (Tower) Bate.   She was b. in Hing., sec. pre. Feb. 9, 1699-1700, and surviving him, m. secondly, Oct. 3, 1744, Benjamin Perry of Scit.   Joseph d. before 1736.
   Ch., b. in Hing. sec. pre., were —

   i.   BATHSHEBA, ——, d. 13 March, 1735-36.
   ii.   SUBMIT, Sept. 1, 1733.   m. Nov. 9, 1758, William Bailey.

   MARK.   "Master mariner."   Resided on Main St., near the old meeting-house, and by w. Huldah had the foll.
   Ch., b. or bt. in Hing., viz.: —

   i.   HULDAH, Jan. 24, 1770.   m. Aug. 24, 1794, Robert Erskin.
   ii.   EUNICE, Sept. 29, 1771, d. 1 Nov. foll.
   iii.   NATHANIEL, Apr. 11, 1773, d. 1 Aug. foll.
   iv.   EUNICE, Jan. 18, 1775.
   v.   ABIGAIL, Apr. 21, 1776.

   1.   MELZAR WENTWORTH (Jonas = Mary Twitchell, and a descendant from Samuel [and Rachel] Clark, who, tradition says, came from


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