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   DEMING, or Duming, m. in Hing. Apr. 30, 1722, Rachel, dau. of Joseph and Joanna Thorn.   He prob. d. before 1752, when his wid. received assistance from the town.   "Mariner."   Resided in the sec. pre.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

   i.   HOPESTILL, Sept. 14, 1721.
   ii.   THOMAS, March 13, 1722-23.   Removed to Barnstable, where he m. March 7, 1748-49, Anna, dau. of Capt. Edward Demmick.   She was b. Nov. 28, 1721.   They removed ab. 1771, to Pittston, Me., where she d. 6 Aug. 1807.   Thomas (he wrote his surname "Agry"), d. 19 Oct. 1783, æt., as his gravestone says, 59 yrs.   "Shipwright."   Of their four ch. one was bt. in Hing. sec. pre., viz.: Hannah, Oct. 6, 1754.   m. Capt. Samuel Oakman of Pittston, Me.
   iii.   LEAH, Feb. 10, 1724-25.
   iv.   JOHN, March 25, 1726.
   v.   DEBORAH, May 3, 1730.   m. July 30, 1759, Elisha Tower, Jr.
   vi.   WILLIAM, Nov. 12, 1732.
   vii.   DANIEL, bt. Sept. 27, 1741.   Removed to Dartmouth, Mass., and late in life to Hardwick.   He m. first, Nov. 21, 1771, Mercy Perry of Rochester.   She d. 16 Sept. 1795.   The chris. name of his sec. w., whom he m. at Taunton, was Martha.   She d. 15 Feb. 1826, æt. 81 yrs.   He d. at Hardwick, 23 Oct. 1801, æt. 60 yrs.   A soldier of the Revolution.   Feb. 1, 1771, Daniel Egre (he wrote his surname "Egrey") of Dartmouth sells to Urian Oakes of Coh., "shipwright," one third acre of land granted to wid. Rachel Egre, by the town of Hing. bounded west by Jonathan Pratt, north by —— Tower, south by Jonathan Kilby, and east by the highway.   (Suff. Deeds, vol. 123, p. 68.)
   viii.   BATHSHEBA, bt. Sept. 27, 1741.
   ix.   ELIZABETH, bt. Sept. 27, 1741.   m. Apr. 20, 1766, Amaziah Bowles of Dartmouth.


   1.   NATHAN, from Provincetown, but a native of Brewster, Mass., came to Hing. with his fam. soon after the close of the last war with Eng.   His w. Susan (Phillips) Small was a dau. of Nathan and Tibatha G. Phillips.   She d. in Hing. 7 Jan. 1852, æt. 78 yrs.   He d. 29 Dec. 1823.   "Mariner."   Resided on Green St.
   Ch., prob. b. at P., —

   i.   ELIZABETH, 1798.   m. in Hing. May 6, 1819, Joseph Hudson.
   ii.   SALLY, Jan. 17, 1801.   m. in Hing. Jan. 28, 1821, Reuben Eldredge.
   iii.   CAROLINE, Nov. 15, 1803.   m. in Hing. Oct. 11, 1821, Thomas Cook of P.
   iv.   SUSAN, ——.   m. in Hing. Jan. 8, 1826, Coleman Cook.
   v.   ROXANNA, ——.   m. Jan. 9, 1831, Samuel Hudson.
3. vi.   NATHAN, ——.

   2.   WILLIAM, from Provincetown, and bro. of Nathan1, m. Eleanor Crowell.   They became residents of Hing. ab. 1826.   She d. 16 Apr. 1855.   He d. 25 Sept. 1835.   "Mariner."   Resided on Green St.
   Ch., —

4. i.   REUBEN, b. at P. Oct. 1800.
5. ii.   WILLIAM, b. at P. Sept. 25, 1809.
   iii.   SYLVANUS, ——; was lost at sea on the passage from Boston to New York.
   iv.   PEREZ, ——, d. in the Florida War.
6. v.   CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, b. at Hull, Jan. 18, 1819.
7. vi.   JOHN CROWELL, b. at Hull, Jan. 18, 1819.


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