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   vi.   MARY, bt. in Hing. Apr. 13, 1651.   m., 1672, George Marsh of Newbury.
   vii.   EPHRAIM, bt. in Hing. Feb. 25, 1654-55.   m., and resided at Newmarket.   He was killed in 1709 by Indians.

   NOTE. — Rev. Albert A. Folsom, third settled minister of the Universalist Society of this town, was one of the Hing. representatives at the General Court in 1836 and 1837.


   FRANCIS GRAY, a descendant from William Foord, who came to Ply. in the "Fortune," 1621, was b. at Mf'd Apr. 6, 1784.   His first w. was Ruth Barker Thomas.   She was b. at Mf'd Nov. 9, 1789, and d. in Hing. 26 March, 1833, æt. 43 yrs.   He m. secondly, Sept. 5, 1838, Mrs. Catherine Drew of Dux.   Capt. Francis G. Ford d. in Hing. 29 Dec. 1842, æt. 59th yr.   "Merchant."   Was senior partner of the firm of Ford, Basset, & Nye, owners and outfitters of fishing vessels at the harbor.   Representative 1836, 1837, and 1838.   Resided on North St., near Thaxter's Bridge.
   Ch., by w. Ruth, —

   i.   FRANCIS ANGLIN, July 20, 1814, d. 19 Apr. 1837, æt. 23d yr.
   ii.   PELEG, June 1, 1817, d. 26 Nov. 1820.
   iii.   LUCY THOMAS, July 24, 1821.   m. March 25, 1841, George M. Soule.
   iv.   ERASMUS HENRY, July 12, 1826, d. unm. at Chatham, Miramichi, N. B., 15 Sept. 1852, æt. 26 yrs.

   Child, by w. Catherine, —

   v.   SIDNEY GRAY, June 14, 1839, d. 15 Sept. 1842.

   PELEG THOMAS, bro. of the preceding, and b. at Mf'd, June 13, 1786. m. Lucy B., dau. of John and Lucy (Baker) Thomas.   She was b. at Mf'd, Apr. 22, 1792, and d. in Hing. 29 June, 1883, æt. 91 yrs.   He d. 28 May, 1873, æt. 87th yr.   "Trader," and later, dealer in coal and wood at the harbor.   Resided on South St., near Thaxter's Bridge.   They left no issue.

   NOTE. — Prudence, dau. of Andrew, m. June 14, 1682, Joseph Lincoln.   Andrew, d. 4 March, 1693.   Ruth, of Pembroke, and David Joy, int. of m'ge May 4, 1718.   Joseph, m. Apr. 2, 1809, Abigail French.   Rosella, m. Apr. 2, 1846, James Gardner.   Mary E., of Wey. m. Apr. 1831, Joseph Burrell.


   WILLIAM (Timothy = Hannah Clapp), b. at Scit., Mass., March 30, 1807.   m. in Hing. Nov. 10, 1831, Lydia A. Ripley, dau. of Justin and Lydia S. (Burr) Ripley.   She was b. in Hing. July 24, 1810.   William d. 8 Jan. 1877, æt. 70th yr.   "Carpenter."   Resided on Water St.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., —

   i.   LYDIA ANN, June 17, 1833, d. 13 Dec. foll.
   ii.   ABIGAIL JAMES, Oct. 3, 1834.   m. Nov. 15, 1860, Albert Leavitt.
   iii.   TIMOTHY, Sept. 1, 1837.   m. May 1, 1862, Emma F. Burr, dau. of Robert and Emma (Sprague) Burr.
   iv.   LYDIA STOWERS, March 19, 1841.   m. Feb. 8, 1871, William Jones.
   v.   HATHERLY, Oct. 29, 1844.   m. Oct. 29, 1872, Emma C. Bickford, and resides at Boston.

   STETSON (Zabud = Nancy B. Miller), b. at Briston, Me., July 25, 1850.   m. in Hing. Apr. 11, 1878, Alice L. Whiton, dau. of Bela H.


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