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was b. at Middleboro', Mass., Aug. 19, 1794.   He m. Jan. 27, 1822, Matilda C. Nichols, dau. of Ambrose and Sarah (Cartwright) Nichols of Coh.   She d. in Hing. 3 Sept. 1887, æt. 84 yrs.   Issachar d. 11 Feb. 1866, æt. 71 yrs.   "Cooper."   He was for many yrs. postmaster and messenger at the General Court; also one of the deacons of the Baptist Church in Hing.   Resided on Water St.
   Ch., —

   i.   THOMAS BALDWIN, b. at Coh. July 24, 1825.
   ii.   ELIZA NICHOLS, b. at Coh. May 28, 1829.   m. in Hing. Dec. 5, 1848, James G. Graves of Wey.
2. iii.   TILSON, b. at Pembroke, Dec. 25, 1831.
   iv.   JOSHUA THAYER, b. in Hing. May 5, 1833.   m. Sarah Pike.   Resides at Boston.
   v.   JOHN NICHOLS, b. in Hing. June 26, 1837.   m. Sarah E. Thayer, and d. at Boston, 17 Sept. 1863.
   vi.   CHARLES MASON, b. in Hing. Feb. 17, 1844.   m. Mary W. Clapp of Boston.   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.")

   2.   TILSON8 (Issachar7-6-5 John4 Samuel3-2-1), b. at Pem., Mass., Dec. 25, 1831.   m. Feb. 1, 1862, Lydia Stowel, dau. of Stephen Sweetser of So. Reading, Mass.   She d. 13 Nov. 1872.   Resides on Water St.   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.")
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   NANCY JANE, Jan. 6, 1865.
   ii.   HARRIET ADELINE, July 12, 1867.
   iii.   MARION LOVETT, Nov. 13, 1868.
   iv.   LILLIAN FLORENCE, Apr. 17, 1870, d. 24 Sept. foll.

   NOTE. — Charles, of Hing. m., at Coh. Oct. 11, 1827, Ann Jane Oakes.   John E., d. at Boston 17 July, 1878, æt. 79th yr.   Arthur Gregg, only child of John N., d. 21 Aug. 1861, æt. 3 mo's.   Rebecca (Beal) d. at Salem 10 Oct. 1868, æt. 26 yrs.   She was a dau. of Matthew and Elizabeth Beal.   Mary E., m. Dec. 30, 1854, James Soule.


   LYDIA, had a s. Stephen, b. in Hing. Aug. 24, 1762.   Hing. rec's furnish nothing additional relating thereto.


   MATTHEW4 (Matthew3-2-1), m. in Hing. sec. pre. Apr. 25, 1745, Submit Joy, dau. of Prince and Abigail (Tower) Joy.   She was b. in Hing. July 10, 1728.
   Ch., bt. in Hing. sec. pre., were —

   i.   ELKANAH, June 8, 1761.   Resided at Scit.
   ii.   PRINCE, Sept. 2, 1764.   Removed to Vt.
   iii.   AMOS, Sept. 18, 1768.   Removed to Vt.

   NOTE. — Matthew, Sr., early of Hing. prob. m. Hannah, dau. of Joseph Andrews, and d. at Scit. 1695.   Benona, dau. of Seth and Caroline, d. at Worcester, 20 Jan. 1870, æt. 69th yr.   Sarah, dau. of Seth and Caroline, d. at Ab'n, 24 Apr. 1877, æt. 64 yrs.


[Thanks to Brian Smith and Mardie Campbell for transcribing the Gardner family]

   1.   JOHN came to Hingham about 1650, and in 1656 had land granted to him in the south part of the town.   Whether he was a connection of the early Garners, or Gardners, of Boston is uncertain, as but little in-


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