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   1.   STEPHEN, from Hing. Eng., with his w. and two ch. came to New Eng. in the Ship "Diligent," of which Capt. John Martin was master, and settled in our Hing. A. D. 1638.   In 1652 he removed to Cambridge, and thence the year foll. to Lancaster, Mass.   Freeman, 1656; and in 1657 constable.   He returned shortly after to Cambridge, and d. there 1662.   In his will made 9 June, 1662, proved 7 Oct. foll., calls himself of Cambridge.   The chris. name of his w. was Ann.   She survived him, and m. secondly, 1663, Richard Woodward, whom she outlived, and d. 5 Feb. 1683, at Stow, where two of her sons resided.
   Ch., —

   i.   ELIZABETH, b. in Eng. m. in Hing. Nov. 29, 1647, John Lasell.
   ii.   MARY, b. in Eng. m. in Hing. Apr. 5, 1658, John Maynard.
   iii.   STEPHEN, ——.   Removed to Boston, and thence to Stow.   Will proved 1707.   The chris. name of his w. was Sarah.   Their ch.: 1. Stephen.   2. Simon, June 5, 1667.   3. Thomas, Dec. 31, 1669.   4. Isaac.   5. Nathaniel.   6. Sarah, Apr. 27, 1679.   7. Rebecca, July 23, 1682.   8. Daniel, Apr. 23, 1685.
   iv.   SIMON, bt. in Hing. May 3, 1646.   Resided awhile at Cambridge, next at Lancaster, and at his decease was of Boston, living at Muddy River.   Apr. 21, 1693, his wid. was app. to administer upon her late hus.'s est.   The inv. inc'd 120 acres of land in Marlboro', 314 acres at 2½ of meadow at Lancaster.   His ch. Simon, Jonathan, Abigail Sparhawk, Amos, Samuel, and Margaret, testify 19 Apr. 1705, that they are satisified with the account rendered.
   v.   THOMAS, bt. in Hing. May 3, 1646, afts. of Marlboro', Sudbury, and Stow, m. 1670, Eliz. Freeman of Sudbury.   Had at Marlboro', Elizabeth, 1671, and Sarah, 1673; at Sud. John, 1678, and Joseph, 1680; at Stow, Josiah, 1682, Deborah, 1684, Ann, 1686, and Abigail, 1689.   In 1703 he sold out and removed to Norwich.
   vi.   ISAAC, bt. in Hing. May 3, 1646, d. 3 Sept. 1651.
   vii.   REBECCA, bt. in Hing. May 3, 1646, d. Jan. 1650.

   2.   JOHN DIVOLL7 (Jonas6 = Martha Divoll, Jonas5 Reuben4 Daniel3 Stephen2 Stephen1 an early settler of Hing.), b. at Leominster, Mass., Aug. 3, 1828, m. in Hing. Dec. 31, 1857, Joanna A. Cushing, dau. of Andrew and Lucy (Hersey) Cushing.   She was b. in Hing. Dec. 20, 1837.   John d. 30 Jan. 1887, æt. 58 yrs.   "Dry goods dealer."   Resided on Lincoln St.
   Ch., all but one b. in Hing., —

   i.   ELIZABETH RICHMOND, Oct. 6, 1859.
   ii.   LULIE, Sept. 3, 1862, d. 25th of same month.
   iii.   CUSHING, b. at Newport, Oct. 1, 1863, d. 2 Aug. 1871.
   iv.   JOHN ALDEN, May 14, 1868, d. 23d of same month.
   v.   LILLIAN CUSHING, Sept. 27, 1870.
   vi.   MYRON CHAUNCEY, Sept. 30, 1879.


   1.   EBENEZER3, s. of Nathaniel2 and Lydia (Luscher), and gr. s. of John1 of Dedham, Mass., was b. at Dedham, Aug. 15, 1696; grad. at Har. Coll. 1714, and ord. pastor of the First Parish in Hing. June 11, 1718.   He m. Nov. 3, 1719, Jerusha Bradford, dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Rogers) Bradford of Dux.   She was b. at Dux. March 10, 1699, and d. in Hing. 19 Aug. 1783, æt. 84 yrs.   He d. 18 March, 1787,


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