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   1.   JOHN, of Hing. was perh. s. or near relative of wid. Mary, who d. here 7 May, 1660; and he d. 26 Sept. 1660.   The foll. are supposed to have been his
   Ch., —

   i.   SUSANNA, bt. in Hing. Nov. 2, 1651.   m. Oct. 18, 1672, Thomas Jewell, or Jewett.
2. ii.   PAUL, bt. Aug. 14, 1653.
   iii.   PRISCILLA, Apr. 22, 1660, d. 12 July foll.

   2.   PAUL (prob. s. of John1), bt. in Hing. Aug. 14, 1653.   m. Feb. 20, 1676-77, Susanna Pullen (or Pulson).   She d. 8 Apr. 1690.   Paul d. in the unfortunate Canada Expedition, Apr. 1690, æt. 37 yrs.
   Ch., b. in Hing., were —

   i.   MARY, June 20, 1679.
   ii.   ELIZABETH, Feb. 9, 1682-83.
   iii.   WILLIAM, June, 1689.

   NOTE. — In 1710-11, the name of Esther Gilford appears upon the rec's of the Selectmen of Hing.


   ISAAC, m. in Hing. July 11, 1802, Polly King, dau. of Thomas and Abigail (Lane) King.   She was b. in Hing. Dec. 3, 1785, and surviving him, m. secondly, Sept. 15, 1816, Capt. Joseph Woodward.   Isaac d. at Havana, Cuba, 1 Aug. 1807, æt. 28 yrs.   "Master-mariner."   Resided at Hing. Centre.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   MARY KING, Dec. 9, 1802.   m. Dec. 16, 1821, Capt. Loring Corthell, and d. 14 Oct. 1875, æt. 73d yr.
   ii.   SYLVINA, Apr. 1, 1805.   m. July, 1821, Capt. Isaac Clark of Belfast, Me.
   iii.   SALLY FEARING, Sept. 19, 1807.   m. Sept. 12, 1828, Ignatius Sargent of Gloucester.

   NOTE. — John, m. Nov. 21, 1802, Sarah Fearing.   Jacob, m. Jan. 23, 1809, Deborah Cushing.   Harriet J., dau. of Jacob and Deborah, m. May 8, 1831, John Cushing.   Philip, m. Deborah, wid. of Jacob Gilkey.   Mrs. Catherine C. (Fearing), wid. of Jacob, m. Feb. 17, 1853, Christopher B. Hill.   Capt. Jacob, d. at Savannah, Ga., 7 July, 1851, æt. 32 yrs. (3:348)


   1.   THOMAS, b. in Eng. ab. 1616, was one of the early planters of Hing., and the ancestor of all who have borne the surname in this town.   He prob. came here at or ab. the time Rev. Peter Hobart and his company arrived, as he had a house-lot of five acres granted him the same yr., 1635, which was located on or near what is now the corner of Main and South Sts.   He also had grants of land at Broad Cove, at Pleasant Hill, etc.   His w. was Hannah, dau. of the first John Otis, who names her with other ch., in his will of May 30, 1657.   She d. in Hing. 25 Jan. 1675-76.   He d. 24 Feb. 1704-5, æt. "ab. 89 yrs."   Constable in 1668; selectman 1645, 1676, 1684, and 1690.   On May 4, 1650, his house was destroyed by fire.   He afts. resided on North St., near Hobart's Bridge.
   Ch., all bt. in Hing., were —

   i.   MARY, Jan. 1643-44.   m. Nov. 14, 1660, John Beal, Jr., widr.
   ii.   SARAH, Jan. 1643-44.   m. Jan. 13, 1665-66, John Langlee.


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