274 Gill — Gilman.  

[Thanks to Steve Perkins for transcribing this part of the Gill family]

   19.   ELIJAH B.7 (Caleb6 Nathaniel5-4-3 Thomas2-1), b. in Hing. March 6, 1808.   m. at Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 14, 1830, Juliet Gates.   Elijah d. at Boston, 13 Feb. 1874, æt. 66th yr.   "Trader;" and for sev. yrs. of the firm of C. & E. B. Gill.   Resided while in Hing. in the North Ward.   Removed to Boston.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   ELIJAH BEAL, Apr. 24, 1833.   Killed at the battle of Bull Run, Va., 4 July, 1861, æt. 23 yrs.   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.")
   ii.   JULIUS, May 1, 1841.

   20.   CHARLES7 (Charles6 John5 Nathaniel4-3 Thomas2-1), b. in Hing. June 2, 1817.   m. first, Aug. 1839, Sarah Ann King of Boston.   Mrs. Abby N. Gill, his sec. w., who d. in Hing. 2 Apr. 1863, æt. 47 yrs., was a native of Rochester, N. H.   For his third w. he m., Sept. 27, 1863, Mary Jane Reynolds of Freedom, N. H.   They removed to the State of Maine.
   Ch., so far as I kn., —

   i.   CAROLINE L., ——.   m. (1) March 24, 1861, Wallace Humphrey, and (2) March 11, 1866, Daniel F. Meady of Salem.
   ii.   SARAH MARIA, 1847, d. at Charlestown, 22 Apr. 1856, æt. 7 yrs. 6 mo's.

   21.   DIXON L.8 (Dixon L.7 Caleb6 Nathaniel5-4-3 Thomas2-1), b. in Hing. June 30, 1827.   m. first, May 22, 1851, Adeline, dau. of John Hatch.   Dixon removed West where his w. d., and he afts. m. again.   Adeline d. at Cincinnati, Ohio, 4 Apr., 1861, æt. 34 yrs. (3:348)   He was for sev. yrs. depot-master at the Hingham station, and after removing West, "conductor."   He d. in North Carolina, ——.
   Ch., —

   i.   FRANCIS P., ——.   m. in Hing. Aug. 18, 1870, Walter H. Ewell.
   ii.   LUCIA, ——.   m. Alfred Coville of Carver, Mass.

   22.   CHARLES H.9 (Henry8 Leavitt7 Nathaniel6-5-4-3 Thomas2-1), b. 1851.   m. Ellen F., dau. of George House.   "Painter."   Resides on Hersey St.
   Ch., —

   i.   ANNIE MABEL, ——.
   ii.   GEORGE WARREN, ——.
   iii.   IDA FLORENCE, ——.
   iv.   LOTTIE JANETTE, b. in Hing. May 6, 1883.
   v.   HATTIE ELIZABETH, b. in Hing. Dec. 3, 1888. (3:348)


[Thanks to Steve Perkins for transcribing the Gilman family]

   EDWARD, from Hing. Eng., "with his wife, 3 sons, and two daughters, and 3 servants, came and settled in this Town of Hingham, 1638;" and the same yr. land was granted to him.   After remaining here a few yrs. however, he removed to other places, and finally settled at Exeter, N. H., where he passed the remainder of his days.   On Oct. 14, 1652, being then of Ipswich, he conveyed his house and land in "Bachelor's Rowe," Hing., which he had previously purchased of Nicholas Jacob, together with other lots of land either granted him by the town or obtained by purchase, to his s.-in-law Daniel Cushing.   His w. whom he m. in Eng. was Mary Clark.   She outlived him, and returning to Hing. d. here 22 June, 1681.   Their posterity are numerous and widely scattered.


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