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Wid. Sally, offered for baptism Sally, July 7, 1793.   Susanna, m. George Lewis.   Zebulon, of Boston m. Nov. 20, 1794, Martha, dau. of Benjamin Beal.   Emeline F., w. of Calvin S., and dau. of Alexander Clapp, d. 16 June, 1867, æt. 25th yr.   Sarah R., w. of Andrew, and dau. of Nathaniel Prouty of Hing., d. at Charlestown, 16 July, 1872, æt. 57 yrs.


   PATRICK (Lawrence = Margaret ——), was b. in Tipperary County, Ire., Feb. 2, 1824, and settled in Hing. June 2, 1851.   His w., who came with him, was Ellen Keating, dau. of Michael and Joanna (O'Neil) Keating, and a native of Ire.   She d. in Hing. 25 Dec. 1872, æt. 42 yrs.   "Laborer." Resides on Thaxter St.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   MARGARET ELLEN, March 28, 1852.   m. Apr. 23, 1874, Cornelius McCarty.
   ii.   LAWRENCE, ——, d. soon.
   iii.   JOANNA MARIA, Sept. 22, 1855.   m. Feb. 26, 1884, John H. Fee.

   NOTE. — Oscar B., a native of New Orleans, La., d. in Hing. 6 Nov. 1880, æt. 31st yr.


   ELIZABETH, d. 23 March, 1678-79.   MARY, m. Dec. 18, 1760, Nathaniel Bates.   LYDIA, m. John Wilcutt, and d. 1 Feb. 1798, æt. 74 yrs.   Henry C., of Augusta, Me., m. Dec. 16, 1840, Abigail L., dau. of Samuel Hobart.


   THOMAS (Thomas = Rose Trippe), b. at Lavenham, County of Suffolk, Eng., and bt. Jan. 9, 1587, m. Elizabeth Cason.   Thomas and his fam. came to our Hing. 1636.   He had land granted him on Lower Plain, which adjoined the lots of William Sprague and Robert Jones.   May 7, 1652, he sold his meadow, and upland in Hing. to Daniel Cushing.   The w.'s approval of this conveyance is recorded in Suffolk Deeds as foll.: "This sale of theis two pcells is done by the free Consent of me Elizabeth Hamond wife vnto Thomas Hamond."   In 1656 he disposed of his home-place in Hing. to William Sprague, and removed to Newton.   He d. 30 Sept. 1673, æt. 88 yrs.   Was called "planter."
   Ch., —

   i.   ELIZABETH, b. in Eng., m. George Woodward.
   ii.   THOMAS, b. in Eng. 1630.   m. Elizabeth Stedman, and d. 20 Oct. 1678, leaving issue.
   iii.   SARAH, bt. in Hing. Sept. 13, 1640.   m. Nathaniel Stedman.
   iv.   NATHANIEL, bt. in Hing. March 12, 1642-43.   m. Mary ——, and d. 29 May, 1691.

   1.   JOSEPH, m. in Hing. first, Jan. 2, 1774, Anna Barnes, dau. of Cornelius and Elizabeth Otis (Lincoln) Barnes.   She was b. in Hing. Nov. 14, 1747, and d. 21 June, 1781, æt. 34th yr.   He m. secondly, Dec. 30, 1781, Susanna Loring, dau. of Benjamin and Jael (Jacob) Loring.   She was bt. in Hing. Apr. 12, 1745, and d. 17 Sept. 1815, æt. 70th yr.   He d. 2 Apr. 1819, æt. 70 yrs.   Resided on North St., near Magoon's Bridge.
   Ch., b. in Hing., by w. Anna, were —

   i.   ANNA, Apr. 13, 1774, d. 8 March, 1778.
3. ii.   JOSEPH, Aug. 14, 1776.
   iii.   ANNA, Apr. 27, 1779.   m. Oct. 5, 1800, John Young of Union River.


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