360 Hughs — Hull — Humphrey.  

July, 1674 æt. 36 yrs.   John prob. removed from here soon after the death of his w.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

   i.   MARY, Dec. 4, 1665.
   ii.   JOHN, Sept. 21, 1667, d. 22 Aug. 1669.
   iii.   SAMUEL, May 1, 1669, d. 13 Sept. foll.
   iv.   JOHN, July 18, 1672, d. 21 Sept. foll.


   JOSEPH, came into Hing. 1636, and the same yr. had a house-lot granted him "on the Lower Plain."   "He was a deputy from Hingham in September, 1638, and in March after. One of the commissioners to end small causes in the same year."   (Lincoln's "History of Hingham.")   He removed to New Hampshire.   A person of this surname bt. in Hing. may have been his s., viz. : —

   i.   BENJAMIN, March 24, 1639.


   1.   THOMAS (prob. s. of John and Susan, who came over in 1634), was at Dover, 1660; and is believed to have been the person of that name bt. in Hing. by Rev. Peter Hobart, July 19, 1660, being then an adult.   He m. in Hing. Dec. 23, 1665, Hannah, dau. of George and Sarah Lane.   She was bt. in Hing. Feb. 24, 1638-39.   As no further information relating to them is given on Hing. rec's, it seems more than prob. that he may have been the Thomas Humphrey who afts. resided at Pemaquid; and this view is strengthened by the traditions which have been disseminated by the older members of the fam.   By the will of his fa. in law, George Lane, it appears that the sons of Thomas and Hannah Humphrey, were —

2. i.   GEORGE, ——.
   ii.   WILLIAM, ——.
   iii.   EBENEZER, ——.
3. iv.   JOSEPH, ——.

   2.   GEORGE3 (Thomas2 John1), m. Feb. 16, 1686-87, Elizabeth ——.   She survived him, and d. 14 March, 1747-48, æt. 84th yr.   He d. 17 June, 1732, æt. 68th yr.   In his will of 22 May, 1732, he mentions four sons and two dau's; provides for w. Elizabeth, and bequeaths to sons Thomas and William lands at Harwich (?) on the Kennebec River, County of York, etc.   To sons John and Ebenezer the home-place in Hing.   Resided on Fort Hill St.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

4. i.   THOMAS, Feb. 2, 1687-88.
5. ii.   WILLIAM, Sept. 15, 1690.
   iii.   ELlZABETH, Nov. 3, 1698.   m. Feb. 1, 1721-22, Jonathan Hayward of Salem.
6. iv.   JOHN, June 13, 1696.
   v.   HANNAH, Dec. 1, 1698.   m. Feb. 9, 1720-21, Simon Joy.
7. vi.   EBENEZER, ——.
   vii.   GEORGE, ——, d. 6 July, 1718.
   viii.   SARAH, ——, d. 13 Jan. 1718-19.


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