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[Thanks to Steve Perkins for transcribing the Jewett family]

   JOSEPH, of Rowley, m. May 13, 1653, Mrs. Ann Allen, the wid. of Capt. Bozoan Allen.   She d. 4 Feb. 1661.   HAYNES, m. Feb. 28, 1854, Lydia, dau. of Adna Sprague.   ABBIE C., m. Dec. 16, 1884, George Price.

JOHNS. [3:355]

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   WILLIAM, d. 4 June, 1663.


[Thanks to Steve Perkins for transcribing the Johnson family]

   1.   HUMPHREY2 prob. s. of John1, an early resident of Roxbury, and whose names appear in this relation in a mortgage deed dated "22° of the 7° month, 1643" (S. D.), "was a resident of Scituate," says Deane's History, "in 1651."   He seems to have been a man of ability and shrewdness, but inclined to make trouble both with the town and Colony officials, as will be seen by the foll. extract from the Colony records: "1673.   Humphrey Johnson, having come into this Government without leave of the Governor and two of the Assistants (contrary to law), is now ordered to remove his dwelling and cottage, erected within the town of Scituate, within one month from the date hereof, or else order shall be given for the pulling down thereof."   He shortly after became a resident of Hing., as will be seen by the foll.: "The 30th day of March, 1674, vpon the request of Humphrey Johnson of Hingham, the selectmen of Hingham, on the behalf of the Towne granted the said Humphrey Johnson liberty to remove his house off Scituate Land vnto Hingham Towne Common Land, and he is to remove it off Hingham Land againe at three months warning."   On the 22d of Apr. 1675, he was granted certain privileges for improvements by the selectmen, and admonished, concerning the establishing of certain fence lines, "to regard the matter quietly."   He was twice m.   Eleanor, his first w., d. in Hing. 28 Sept. 1693.   The chris. name of his sec. w. was Abigail.   Humphrey d. 24 July 1693.   Resided at Liberty Plain, So. Hing.
   Ch., by w. Eleanor, were —

   i.   JOHN, 1653, drowned in Hing. 12 June, 1674.
   ii.   JOSEPH, 1655, d. soon.
2. iii.   BENJAMIN, 1657.
   iv.   MARGARET, 1659.   m. in Hing. Oct. 20, 1676, Josiah Leavitt.
   v.   DEBORAH, 1661, d. 1 Apr. 1669.
   vi.   MARY, 1663.
3. vii.   NATHANIEL, July, 1666.
4. viii.   ISAAC, b. in Hing. Feb. 18, 1667-68.
   ix.   JOSEPH ——, d. 6 Sept. 1676.

   Ch., b. in Hing, by w. Abigail, —

   x.   JOHN, June 8, 1680.
   xi.   DEBORAH, Feb. 19, 1682-83.

   2.   BENJAMIN3 (Humphrey2 John1), b. at Scit. 1657.   m. in Hing. June 11, 1683, Rebecca Hersey, dau. of William and Rebecca (Chubbuck) Hersey.   She was b. in Hing. Aug. 20, 1663, and d. 11 Feb. 1711-12, æt. 48 yrs.   He d. 26 March, 1707, æt. 50 yrs.   Est. settled 9 Dec. 1712.   Joshua Hersey, Admr.   Inv. £445 4s.   "Blacksmith."   Constable 1691 and 1692; selectman 1698.   He also was landlord and proprietor of the "Pine Tree Tavern," situated on Town (South) St.,


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