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   1.   JOHN, prob. b. in Eng. ab. 1635, came in early life to our Hing., and m. here, Jan. 13, 1665-66, Sarah Gill, dau. of Thomas and Hannah (Otis) Gill.   She was bt. in Hing. Jan. 1643-44.   John d. 22 Jan. 1702-3, æt. 67 yrs.   At the outbreak of King Philip's War, Dec. 1675, he was one of the Hing. soldiers impressed into the country's service, performing military duty in Capt. Johnson's company.   His name also appears four yrs. later among a list of soldiers belonging in Hing. "who are willing to serve the Country in the capacity of troopers."   Dec. 26, 1691, he was called to testify concerning a gift of land on the north side of Turkey Hill, from Josiah the Indian Sagamore to Dea. John Leavitt, being then, according to his sworn testimony, 56 yrs. of age.   In Apr. 1686, he purchased of Nathaniel Beal, Senr., the Island then known as "Ibrook's Island" (now "Langlee's"), at the entrance of Hing. harbor, "which had previously been given by the town to Richard Ibrook, lying between Crow Point and Old Planter's Hill."   He was by occupation "miller," and "shipwright;" also in 1695 "inn-holder."   Resided on North, near Ship St.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

   i.   SARAH, Oct. 31, 1666, d. 12 Jan. foll.
   ii.   SARAH, March 15, 1667-68.   m. (1) Nov. 1686, Jonathan May; and (2) Oct. 2, 1691, William Hersey, widr.
   iii.   MARY, Oct. 25, 1670, d. 23 July, 1671.
   iv.   JOHN, Aug. 8, 1673, d. in 3 dys.
2. v.   JOHN, Jan. 12, 1676-77.
   vi.   SUSANNA, Apr. 27, 1679.

   2.   JOHN (John = Sarah Gill), b. in Hing. Jan. 12, 1676-77.   m. (pub. March 14, 1712-13) Hannah Vickery of Hull.   She survived him, and m. secondly, May 22, 1743, Joseph Humphrey, widr., and d. 24 Jan. 1769, æt. 83 yrs.   John d., says his gravestone, "12 March, 1738," æt. 61 yrs.   "Shipwright and inn-holder."   Resided on North, near Ship St.
   Ch., b. in Hing., were —

   i.   SARAH, Apr. 18, 1714.   m. (1) July 30, 1738, Doct. Ezekiel Hersey; and (2) Oct. 16, 1771, Capt. Richard Derby of Salem, whom she survived.   Madam Derby d. in Hing. 17 June, 1790, æt. 76 yrs.   She was the founder of Derby Academy.
   ii.   JOHN, Aug. 2, 1717, d. 29 Jan. 1717-18.


   LYDIA, dau. of Thomas of Scit., m. Feb. 20, 1666-67, Samuel Bates.   GEORGE B., of Wey. m. Nov. 23, 1800, Meriel Whiton.   ISRAEL, of Scit., m. Dec. 13, 1805, Submit Loring, dau. of Job and Judith (Whiton) Loring.   She survived him, and m. secondly, Dea. John Jacob of Hing.   LYDIA, of Scit. m. Nov. 1822, Allen Cushing of Hing.   LUCINDA, of Scit. m. May 13, 1827, Theophilus Cushing of Hing.


[Transcribed by CJ McNew]

   1.   JOHN, an early settler, and the ancestor of all who have borne this surname by birth in Hing., m. Nov. 29, 1647, Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen and Ann Gates.   She was b. prob. in Eng., and d. in Hing. 3


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