Leavitt — Le Baron — Legary — Leigh. 439

   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   LILLA CUSHING, Feb. 18, 1882.
   ii.   ETHEL MAY, June 9, 1884.

   NOTE. — Sarah L., dau. of Jerom (23, vi. iv.), m. July 31, 1866, Daniel C. Jones.   Dr. Francis W., m. Oct. 9, 1872, Amelia J. Phillips.   George, m. Mrs. Deborah S. (Leavitt) Wight, wid. of Clement P. Wight, and dau. of Samuel and Deborah C. (Hersey) Leavitt.


   1.   RUSSELL (Russell = Lydia Jordan), b. at Lovell, Me., July 3, 1826.   m. Adeline B. Wentworth.   Russell d. in Hing. 18 Oct. 1883, æt. 57 yrs.   "Farmer;" and for sev. yrs. surveyor of highways.   This fam. has removed West.
   Ch., —

   i.   LYDIA ALMIRA.   m. in Hing. July 5, 1878, Sion R. Wentworth of Bay City, Mich.
   ii.   FRANK.
   iii.   ADDIE W.   m. at Duluth, Minn., Oct. 14, 1886, James B. Stone.
   iv.   GEORGE.
   v.   WILLIE HERBERT, Feb. 16, 1871.
      Other ch. of this fam. d. in infancy.

   2.   JAMES (Russell = Lydia Jordan), b. at Lovell, Me., July 31, 1832.   m. first, Aug. 12, 1860, Eliza J. Jordan, dau. of Richard H., and Theodore L. (Pratt) Jordan.   She was b. at Bethel, Me., Nov. 13, 1841, and d. 23 Oct. 1871, æt. 30th yr.   He m. secondly, May 14, 1873, Almira H. Buck, dau. of Moses L., and Maria (Peirce) Buck.   She was b. at Hopkinton, Mass., Jan. 10, 1837.   Resides on Hersey St.
   Ch., by w. Almira, —

   i.   ARTHUR LINDELL, June 17, 1874.
   ii.   GERTRUDE MARIA, Nov. 12, 1875.
   iii.   EDITH LOUISE, b. in Hing. May 27, 1880, d. 2 Oct. foll.


   FRANCIS, by w. Elizabeth, had one
   Child, b. and bt in Hing., viz. —

   i.   DANIEL, Apr. 4, 1689.


   1.   THOMAS (Thomas = Mary Adrian), b. at Coventry, Eng., Nov. 23, 1831.   m. Apr. 13, 1852, Ellen Tinsley, dau. of James and Hannah (Pickard) Tinsley.   She was b. at Coventry, Aug. 18, 1834.   Thomas is by occupation "tailor."   He became a resident of Hing. 1869.   Resides on South St.
   Ch., with one exception b. at Coventry, —

   i.   DAVID A., 1852.   Resides at Sydney, N. S. W.
2.    ii.   THOMAS G., 1858.
   iii.   WILLIAM JAMES, 1862.
   iv.   MARY ELIZABETH, 1866, d. in Hing. 1 March, 1884.   m. Feb. 2, 1884, Charles O. Everett of Wey. (3:358)
   v.   MARGARETTE HANNAH, 1868.   m. June 9, 1889, Charles E. Brooks of Wey. (3:358)
   vi.   VIRTUE ELLEN, b. in Hing. March 18, 1871.
      Three ch. b. in Eng. d. young.


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