20 Thomas Lincoln, "Husbandman" — Thomas Lincoln, "Miller."  

[Thanks to Richard Straw for transcribing the Thomas Lincoln "Husbandman" family]

   Child, b. in Hing., by w. Joanna, —

   viii.   NABBY, Aug. 25, 1777.

   14.   THOMAS5 (Ebenezer4-3 Thomas2-1), b. in Hing. Nov. 20, 1758.   m. and lived at Buckfield, Me.
   His ch., several of whom have resided in Hing., were —

   i.   THOMAS, was a resident of Buckfield.
   ii.   BETSEY, ——, d. unm.
   iii.   EBENEZER, ——.   m. in Hing. March 4, 1819, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert and Elizabeth (Hersey) Corthell.
   iv.   LUCY, ——.   m. Cephas Bryant, and d. in Hing. 12 Jan. 1845, æt. 48 yrs.
   v.   SUSAN, ——.   m. Nov. 1, 1846, Cephas Bryant, widr.


[Thanks to Don Stanwyck for transcribing the Thomas Lincoln "Miller" family]

[See the introduction to the Lincoln Family in V. 2, p. 448]

   1.   THOMAS, distinguished from the other three Thomases who early settled in Hing. by his vocation as a "miller," came from Old Eng. to New Eng. in 1635, and July 3, 1636, had a house-lot of five acres granted him on what is now South, near Main St.   Other lots were also granted him for planting purposes.   He prob. brought with him from Eng. two or three ch.; and before 1650 rem. from here with his family to Taunton, Mass., where, Dec. 10, 1665 he m. for his sec. w. Elizabeth Street, prob. the wid. of Francis Street.   Tradition says that he erected at Taunton the old grist-mill, where, in 1675, King Philip and his chiefs met the pioneers of the place for a peaceful interview; and that at a later period his sons John and Samuel conveyed the old mill property to Robert Crosman.   Whether there is any record to verify this statement ab. the old grist-mill or not, it is undoubtedly true that he continued in the same vocation which he had previously followed.   In his will of 28 Apr. 1683, he calls himself "eighty years of age or thereabouts."   Will proved 5 March foll.
   Ch., all by his first w., were —

2. i.   THOMAS, bt. in Hing. Feb. 1637-38.
3. ii.   JOHN, ——.
4. iii.   SAMUEL, bt. in Hing. Feb. 1637-38.
   iv.   MARY, bt. in Hing. Oct. 6, 1642.   m. (1) Wm. Hack, and (2) Richard Stephens.
   v.   SARAH, bt. in Hing. Dec. 1645.   m. Joseph Willis.

   2.   THOMAS (Thomas1), prob. b. in Eng., was bt. by Rev. Peter Hobart of Hing. Feb. 1637-38, and became an early resident of Taunton.   His w. was Mary, dau. of Jonah Austin.   "Oct. 11, 1662.   Thomas Linkon of Taunton in New England, 'husbandman,' in consideration of 40s. sells 'to Daniel Cushing of Hingham, all my great lot, containing 16 acres, lately given to me by Thomas Linklon, my father, lying in the township of Hingham, on the Great Plaine, and was given by the inhabitants of Hingham unto the said Thomas Linkon, my father,'" etc.   (S. D., vol. iv. p. 65)
   Ch., prob. b. at Taunton, were —

   i.   MARY, May 12, 1652
   ii.   SARAH, Sept. 25, 1654
   iii.   THOMAS, Apr. 21, 1656.   m. Mary, dau. of Richard and Abigail Stacey.


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