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acres on North St., near the foot of Baker's Hill; also other lands the year foll.   He prob. removed soon to Braintree, at which place he d. 20 Feb. 1648.

   WILLIAM, the smith (locksmith), also from Norwich, Eng., and prob. bro. of the preceding, had a grant of a house-lot in 1637 on Bachelor (Main), nearly opp. Water St.   His w., ch., and a serv., came with him.   Freeman, March, 1638.   A member of the Artillery Company 1651.   He removed to Boston in a few yrs., and was drowned 27 March, 1652, leaving a wid., Elizabeth, and two ch.
   Ch., —

   i.   A SON, who came over with his parents, prob. William, who was afts. of Boston.
   ii.   LYDIA, bt. in Hing. May 17, 1638.
   iii.   SAMUEL, bt. in Hing. March 27, 1642, d. and was buried 21 Apr. foll.

   AARON, had a house-lot granted him in Hing. 1637.   No further record.


   JOHN, who arrived at Plymouth in the "Ann," with his w. and ch., March, 1624, had been a preacher in Ireland.   He was dismissed from Ply. Col. 1625, the yr. after his arrival, on account of his Episcopal tendencies.   He next appears at Nantasket, where he had a plantation at the east end of the beach near Staits Pond, or the river.   Hence the name "Lyford's Licking River."   Lyford returned to Eng., but soon came back again to Nantasket.   From here he removed to Cape Ann, and shortly after to Virginia, where he prob. died.   His wid., Mrs. Sarah Lyford, m. at Charlestown, Oct. 10, 1634, Edmund Hobart, Sr., widr, of Hing.   Lyford left
   Ch., —

   i.   RUTH, ——.   m. in Hing. Apr. 19, 1643, James Bate, and had sev. sons, and dau's Ruth, Rachel, and Sarah.
   ii.   MORDECAI, ——.   In June, 1642, and his sister Ruth in Oct. 1641, "acquit and discharge Edmund Hubbart, Sr., their father in law, of all claims on account of a legacy of tobacco," etc., bequeathed to them by their fa. John Lyford in his last will and testament.
   iii.   RACHEL, ——.

   ANN (prob. a connection of Rev. John, d. July, 1639. (3:362)


[Thanks to Don Stanwyck for transcribing the Macvarlo family]

   1.   PURDE, or PURTHE, who emigrated from Scotland, m. in Hing. July 3, 1667, Patience, dau. of George Russell.   She d. in Hing. 22 March, 1723-24.   He d. 2 Dec. 1721.   "Farmer."   Resided on East, near Hull St.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

   i.   PATIENCE, July 3, 1668.
   ii.   MARGARET, Dec. 26, 1669.   m. May 26, 1690, Daniel Stodder.
   iii.   MARTHA, Jan. 15, 1671-72.   m. Dec. 20, 1698, Matthew Keen of Dux.
   iv.   JOHN, March 7, 1673-74.
2.    v.   JAMES, Aug. 11, 1675.
   vi.   MARY, July 2, 1677, d. 29 Oct. 1686.
   vii.   HANNAH, March 23, 1678-79.   m. Jan. 19, 1702-3, Elias Magoon of Dux.


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