Orcutt — Orton — Osborn — Otis. 101

   Ch., all b. in Hing., were —

   i.   EDWARD, May 6, 1736.   m. Mehitable, and had James, bt. May 1, 1763.
   ii.   SETH, June 8, 1738.   m. Nov. 17, 1757, Winifred, dau. of Ebenezer and Hannah (Allyn) Lincoln (p. 18).   She d. 15 Aug. 1758, leaving a s. Seth, b. Feb. 28, 1758.
   iii.   JAMES, July 1, 1741.
   iv.   LUKE, ——.   m. Oct. 17, 1767, Ann Worlin, and had Katee, 1770.
   v.   REUBEN, ——, d. 4 Oct. 1754.
   vi.   MARTHA, Aug. 15, 1751.
   vii.   OLIVE, Apr. 21, 1756.

   NOTE. — Martha, of Coh. m. June 23, 1816, Jacob Cushing.   Abiah G., m. July 1, 1847, Mary W. Baker.

ORTON. [3:365]

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Supplement]

   EBENEZER, was drowned 7 Aug. 1694.


   HENRY ARNOLD (Eben = Elizabeth Rose), b. at Scit. 1812.   m. first, Elizabeth Studley of Scit., and secondly, Clarissa Hyland.   She d. and for his third w. he m. Sept. 1, 1844, Mrs. Sarah G. (Humphrey) Higgins, wid. of Heman Higgins, and dau. of Noah and Sally (Gill) Humphrey.   She was b. in Hing. Oct. 1814, and d. 13 July, 1882, æt. 68th yr.   He d. 21 Aug. 1882, æt. 70 yrs.   Resided on Hersey, near South St.
   Ch., by w. Clarissa, —

   i.   CLARISSA, Sept. 16, 1839.   m. Feb. 21, 1858, William T. Stodder.
   ii.   CELIA, 1842.   m. William Bates.
   iii.   ESTHER WILLARD, 1844.   m. March 28, 1867, Franklin A. Hersey.

   Ch., by w. Sarah, —

   iv.   GEORGE HENRY, 1845.   Removed to Quincy.   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.")
   v.   SARAH GILL, 1847.
   vi.   RUFUS LANE, 1850.   Emma J., w. of Rufus L., d. at Wey. 7 Jan, 1889. (3:365)
   vii.   FAUSTINA, 1853.   m. Oct. 22, 1873, William O. Austin.

   NOTE. — Abigail, dau. of Eben and Elizabeth (Rose) of Scit. m. William Barnes.   Francis A., of Boston, m. June 17, 1879, Emily T. Bouvé.


   1.   JOHN, b. at Barnstable, in the County of Devonshire, Eng. 1581, prob. came to our Hing. with Rev. Peter Hobart and his company, and on the 18th of Sept., 1635, drew a house-lot containing five acres on Town (North, near Ship) St., where he resided until March 15, 1646, when his house, and the one in the adjoining lot, belonging to Thomas Loring, was burnt to the ground.   He subsequently, "13 (2) 1646," purchased of Thomas Turner of Hing. "a house & five Acres of land lying betweene Joseph Andrews on the East & Edmund Pitts on the west, wth the street south & Richard Baskam (Betscome) North;" "Also two Acres meddow in the Broad Cove meddow & twelve Acres of land beyond Crooked Meddow or Bridge" (S. D. Vol. i. p. 70), all of which he afts. conveyed to his s. John Otis, Jr., for a certain sum to be paid the fa. annually in addition to other considerations; also five acres of land next to John Moulton's (Knowlton), together with "A planting lott of Tenn Acres on Weariall [Otis] Hill" (S. D. vol. ii. p. 161).   In addition to the first named grant he received other lots both of upland and meadow from the town.   His last grant was dated 5 March, 1646-47.   He was twice married.   The


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