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   vi.   JAMES, 1702; Speaker of the House of Representatives; Judge of Probate for Barnstable County; Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas; and one of the Council Board during the first yrs. of the War of the Revolution.   History abounds with facts concerning his life.   His sons who lived to the age of manhood were, James "THE PATRIOT," b. at Barnstable, Feb. 5, 1724-25, Har. Coll. 1743; Joseph, March 6, 1725-26 ; and Samuel Allyn, Nov. 24, 1740.

   NOTE. — Joshua, Jr., m. Nov. 23, 1769, Mary, dau. of Samuel Thaxter.   John, s. of Stephen, and grand s. of John2 m. Leah Stodder of Hing.   Joshua, great gr. s. of John2 m. Mary Thaxter of Hing.   Ephraim, of Scit., gr. s. of John2, m. Sept. 6, 1733, Rachel Hersey of Hing.   Mary, dau. of Ephraim and Rachel (Hersey), m. William Lincoln of Hing.   Mary, dau. of James the patriot, and great gr. dau. of John3, m. Benjamin Lincoln of Hing., s. of Gen'l Benjamin.   Jane E. I., dau. of Nathaniel W., and great gr. dau. of James the patriot, m. Norton Q. Thaxter of Hing.   Mary A., dau. of Hon. Joseph, and gr. dau. of James the patriot, m. Ebenezer Gay of Hing.


   1.   WILLIAM (William = Elizabeth Fife), b. at Perth, Scotland, Dec. 15, 1789.   m. July 29, 1810, Betsey Cain of Hing., dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Holmes) Cain.   She was b. in Hing. June 5, 1791, and d. 30 June, 1859, æt. 68 yrs.   He d. 21 March, 1860, æt. 70 yrs.   "Carpenter."   Resided on Fort Hill St.
   Ch., —

   i.   WILLIAM, Nov. 12, 1810.   Removed to Maine.
   ii.   THOMAS HUDSON, July 22, 1812.   Was lost at sea in schr. "Nelson," of which he was master, 3 Oct. 1841.
   iii.   JOHN, Aug. 11, 1814.   Was lost at sea in schr. "Nelson," 3 Oct. 1841.
   iv.   DANIEL CAIN, Oct. 7, 1816, d. 4 Sept. 1819.
   v.   DANIEL, July 6, 1819, d. 20 Apr. 1846.
   vi.   DAVID FIFE, Feb. 21, 1821, d. 19 July, 1831.
2. vii.   ISAAC WHEELER, Sept. 8, 1822.
   viii.   HORATIO NELSON, Dec. 1, 1823.   m. Oct. 27, 1847, Clementine B. Davis.   Resides at Wey.   d. at Wey. 22 May, 1887, æt. 63 yrs. (3:365)
   ix.   BETSEY CAIN, July 22, 1826.   m. Apr. 9, 1845, Henry F. Bicknell.
   x.   ISABELLA, May 11, 1828.   m. March 26, 1848, Henry L. Fletcher.

   2.   ISAAC W. (William = Betsey Cain), b. at West Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 8, 1822.   m. July 6, 1856, Margaret Tippenreiter, dau. of George and Rosina (Hoser) Tippenreiter.   She was b. at Weisenheim-ain-sand, Bavaria, Oct. 6, 1837.   Resides on Fort Hill St.
   Ch., —

   i.   BETSEY CAIN, June 5, 1857.   m. June 5, 1881, Wait W. Simmons.   FRANCIS ALMON, s. of Wait W. and Betsey C. Our was b. in Hing. Apr. 2, 1887. (3:367)
   ii.   ROSINA MARGARET, May 5, 1859.   m. Oct. 15, 1885, William L. Holmes, widr.
   iii.   CLARA JANET, Apr. 30, 1861.   m. March 18, 1882, William L. Holmes, of Dux., and d. 7 May, 1884, æt. 23 yrs.
   iv.   ELIZABETH STEDMAN, June 14, 1864.
   v.   AGNES WHEELER, Aug. 31, 1866.
   vi.   GEORGE WILLIAM, March 3, 1872.
   vii.   ISAAC WHEELER, June 1, 1874.


   SIMON, for many yrs. a resident of Hing., on Lincoln St., at the corner of "Crow Point Lane," was a native of Germany.   His w. Agnes (Hoser), was also a native of Germany.   She d. in Hing. 27 Dec. 1864, æt. 50 yrs.   He d. 9 Feb. 1856, æt. 48 yrs.   Their
   Ch., —


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