112 Phinney — Phippen — Picano — Pierce.  

   NOTE. — Gershom, of Boston m. Nov. 9, 1724, Priscilla, dau. of John Farrow.   Temperance, of Harwich m. Apr. 25, 1804, Luther Studley of Scit.   Abbie W. (Beal), d. at Lynn, 3 March, 1872, æt. 25th yr.   She was a dau. of Matthew and Elizabeth Beal.


   1.   DAVID, had a grant of land in Hing. at the time the first lots were drawn, Sept. 18, 1635.   His lot, which contained five acres, was situated on Town (North) St., and was near the spot upon which now stands St. Paul's Catholic Church.   He was from Weymouth or Melcombe Regis, in Dorset Co. Eng., and s. of Robert Phippen.   His w. Sarah, and their six ch. came here with him.   Freeman 1635-36.   He remained in Hing. but a few yrs., removing with his fam. to Boston, where he d. before 31 Oct. 1650, when his will was proved.   Oct. 24, 1652, Sarah Phippeny of Boston, wid. of David Phippeny, late of Hing., deceased, and her son Joseph Phippeny, also of Boston, sell to Thomas Thaxter of Hing., "weaver," dw.-house, orchards, and lands in Hing.; including four acres of marsh meadow lying on both sides of the brook in the home meadow, etc.
   Ch., b. in Eng., —

2. i.   JOSEPH, ——.
   ii.   REBECCA, ——.   m. George Vickery.
   iii.   BENJAMIN, ——.   Resided at Boston.
   iv.   GAMALIEL, ——.   Resided at Boston.
   v.   SARAH, ——.   m. before Nov. 1650, Thomas Yeo of Boston.
   vi.   GEORGE, ——; prob. lived at Hull.

   Ch., b. after he came over, —

   vii.   JOHN, July, 1637, d. in infancy.
   viii.   JOHN, July, 1640, d. same month.

   2.   JOSEPH2 (David1), came to Hing. in 1637, and the same year had a lot of two acres granted him on Bachelor (Main) St., nearly opp. what is now Water St.   His w. was Dorcas, or Dorothy Wood. (S. D., vol. i. p. 281.)   They removed to Boston, ab. 1644, and in 1655 to Salem, where he d.   "Blockmaker."   His will of 21 July, 1687, mentions w. and five ch.
   Ch., bt. in Hing., were —

   i.   AN INFANT, buried May, 1642.
   ii.   JOSEPH, Aug. 1642.
   iii.   MARY, March 5, 1643-44.
   iv.   DAVID, Feb. 1646-47.
      Other ch. were b. at Boston.


   EMANUEL JOSEPH (s. of Emanuel Joseph and Anna Delfina), was b. at Gracioza, Azores, Dec. 11, 1814, and settled in Hing. 1869.   He m. at Newcastle, N. H., Oct. 15, 1874, Sarah E., dau. of Capt. Robert and Elizabeth White.   She was b. at Newcastle, Oct. 5, 1845.   "Hairdresser."   Resides on Thaxter St.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   CAMILLA ELIZABETH, Apr. 20, 1877.
   ii.   ANNA LOUISA, Jan. 36, 1884.

PIERCE. [3:365]

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Supplement]

   EDWIN JONATHAN (Thomas J. = Martha J. Stevens), b. at Walpole, N. H., Oct. 14, 1855.   m. June 23, 1881, Lilla Louise Stebbins, a native of Adrian, Mich., and. dau. of Francis R. and Louise (Briggs) Stebbins.   Mnf'r of men's shoes.   Resides on Main St., Hing. Centre.
   Ch., —

   i.   THOMAS STEBBINS, b. at Adrian, May, 1882.
   ii.   ANITA LOUISE, b. at Cambridge, Mass., June 5, 1883.
   iii.   FRANCIS EDWIN, b. in Hing. Nov. 5, 1885.


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