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   Ch., —

   i.   WALTER, b. in Hing. July 28, 1669.
   ii.   ELIZABETH, b. at Boston, Aug. 22, 1672.


   JOHN, from Dorset, Eng.; was among those who came to Hing. in 1635.   During his brief stay, he owned land at "Otis Hill," "Over the Delaware," at "Lyford's Liking meadows," "crooked meadows," "Plaine Neck," "Weir Neck," and at "Turkey meadow."   His home place was on East St., on land granted to him in 1637, and now included in the grounds owned and occupied by the Hing. Agricultural and Horticultural Society.   Constable 1641, and 29 May, 1644, deputy to the General Court.   He removed to Salem, ab. 1645, and in 1648, sold his house and lands in Hing. to Nathaniel Baker.   John d. at Salem, 1676, æt. 80 yrs.   The chris. name of his w. was Mary.   Their
   Ch., were —

   i.   JOHN, ——.   "Mariner."
   ii.   SAMUEL, ——.   "Mariner"
   iii.   JOSEPH, bt. in Hing. Sept. 9, 1638.   Resided at Salem.
   iv.   BENJAMIN, bt. in Hing. Nov. 1639; afts. of Beverly.
   v.   ISRAEL, bt. in Hing. Feb. 12, 1642-43.   Resided at Salem.
   vi.   MARY, ——.
   vii.   JONATHAN, ——.
   viii.   SARAH, ——.

   NOTE. — Tabitha, of Wey. m. Jan. 22, 1740-41, Daniel Burrell.   Deliverance, dau. of John of Wey. m. Dec. 28, 1727, John Beal of Hing.   Peter, from Wey. m. Dec. 5, 1732, Mercy Vickery, and had Elizabeth, b. in Hing. Sept. 9, 1733, m. Andrew Burrell of Wey.   John, m. Feb. 21, 1750-51, Mary, dau. of Jedediah Lincoln (II. 462).   Sarah, from Wey. m. Feb. 8, 1770, David Lincoln, widr, of Hing (p. 19).   Sarah, of Wey. m. Oct. 15, 1797, David Dunbar.   Eliza, of Mf'd m. Oct. 20, 1822, Lincoln Goold.   Deborah, of Wey. m. Dec. 17, 1834, Quincy L. Bicknell of Wey.   Elmira, of Wey. m. March 20, 1839, Henry Binney.   Thomas, of Wey. m. 1839, Elizabeth, dau. of Elkanah Binney.   Mary Ann, m. June 15, 1842, John D. Burrell.   John F., of Wey. m. Aug. 3, 1879, Elizabeth A. Pratt of Wey.


   EDWIN F., m. Susan J. Murphy.   Resides on Hull St.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   EDWARD FRANCIS, Apr. 26, 1878, d. 30 May, 1885.
   ii.   SUSAN L., Apr. 26, 1878, d. in 16 dys.
   iii.   CHARLES HENRY, June 22, 1880, d. 4 June, 1885.

   MICHAEL, m. in Hing. Nov. 5  1882, Bridget T. Norris.   Resides on Main St.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   MARY THERESA, Sept. 27, 1883.
   ii.   MARGARET ANNIE, Oct. 8, 1886.
   iii.   CATHERINE AGNES, Apr. 10, 1888. (3:365)

  NOTE. — Clarissa, m. March 18, 1857, Gardner M. Jones.   Mary L., m. June 7, 1882, Frank E. Tirrell.   John (Peter = Hannah Litchfield), a native of Coh., d. in Hing. 12 Feb. 1882, æt. 72 yrs.


   1.   PHINEAS, came to New Eng. in the "Swallow," ab. 1622, and resided some time at Wey., afts. at Ply., and lastly at Charlestown, where he d. 19 Apr. 1680, æt. 90 yrs.   His w., whom he prob. m. at


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