144 Sears — Seymour.  


[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Sears family]

   1.   ORIN6 (Reuben5 Willard4 John3 Paul2 Richard1 the emigrant), b. at Brewster, Mass., Sept. 9, 1802.   m. Dec. 10, 1829, Hannah M., dau. of Scammons and Nabby Hopkins of Provincetown, Mass.   She was b. at P. Sept. 18, 1808.   "Farmer and market gardener."   Resides on Lincoln St.   Orin came to Hing. with his fam. in 1846, and for sev. yrs. was the proprietor and manager of salt-works on the westerly side of the harbor, adjoining land, and also inc. a portion of that which is now Otis St.
   Ch., all b. at Brewster, Mass., —

   i.   NATHAN HENRY, Nov. 28, 1830.   Resides at Millbury, Mass.
   ii.   LORENZO DOW JOHNSON, Feb. 27, 1832.   m. Eleanor Peckham.   "Provision dealer."   Resides on South St., and has ch.: 1. Eva V. E.   2. Nellie Louise.   m. Jan. 9, 1889, William P. Denbroeder of Wey. (3:367)
   iii.   HANNAH MARIA, March 29, 1836.   m. in Hing. Nov. 21, 1866, John Lincoln, Jr. (II. 474).
   iv.   LOUISA DUNHAM, May 7, 1839, d. 26 Nov. 1867.
2. v.   ORRIN BREWSTER, March 8, 1845.

   2.   ORRIN B.7 (Orin6 Reuben5 Willard4 John3 Paul2 Richard1), b. at Brewster, Mass., March 8, 1845.   m. first, in Hing. May 16, 1869, Mary A., dau. of Capt. Elias Libby of Belfast, Me.   She d. 20 Jan. 1870, æt. 21st yr.   He m. secondly, Ella A., dau. of Caleb Case of Acushnet, Mass.   She was b. at A. March 23, 1853.   "Machinist and engineer."   Resides on Lincoln St.
   Ch., all by w. Ella, —

   i.   MARY AUGUSTA, b. at Acushnet, Sept. 10, 1873.
   ii.   ARTHUR ALDEN, b. at Carver, Mass., May 24, 1875.
   iii.   HIAL BARNEY, b. at Carver, March 11, 1879.
   iv.   ELLA, b. in Hing. July 23, 1886.
   v.   ORRIN, } twin ch., b. Apr. 13, 1888. (3:367)
   vi.   OLIVER,

   NOTE. — Elizabeth, m. Dec. 10, 1746, Ammiel Bearse.   Sarah, m. Nov. 27, 1746, Isaac Whiton, Jr.   Judah, d. 1 Apr. 1751, æt. 67th yr.   Abbie, m. at Dennis, Mass., Dec. 30, 1852, Martin D. Dunbar, widr., of Hing.


[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Seymour family]

   1.   JOEL6, who came to Hing. in 1804 with his uncle Noah Bronson (the contractor for building "Queen Ann's turnpike" (Town rec's.), the Hing. part of which is now kn. as Whiting St.); a descendant from Rev. Richard Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, Keyton Hundred, County Devon, Eng., the ancestral line in New Eng. being as foll.: Richard1 = Mercy —— arrived at Hartford, Conn., 1639 (s. of Rev. Richard Seymour, previously mentioned, who was chaplain of the unfortunate Gilbert and Popham Expedition to the coast of Maine, 1608); Richard2 = Hannah Hopkins of Farmington, Conn.; Ebenezer3 = —— of Farmington; Richard4 = Mary Hickox of Waterbury, Conn.; Joash5 = Phebe Bronson, his sec. w., of Watertown, Conn.   Their s. Joel6, first above mentioned, was b. at Watertown, Conn., Sept. 1, 1783.   He m. Sept. 25, 1806, Polly Whiting, dau. of Zachariah and Kezia (Wilder) Whiting.   She was b. in Hing. Apr. 27, 1784, and d. 23 Nov. 1843, æt. 60th yr.   He d. 22 Feb. 1864, æt. 80 yrs.   "Housewright."   Resided on Main, near Water St.


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