152 Slader — Smith.  

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Slader family]

   Ch., b. in Hing., were —

   i.   SAMUEL, Sept. 1728, d. 29 Oct. foll.
   ii.   MARY, bt. Dec. 21, 1729, d. 1 Dec. 1739.
   iii.   SAMUEL, bt. June 4, 1732.   Resided at Windham, Conn.
   iv.   THOMAS, bt. Oct. 20, 1734.
   v.   SARAH, bt. July 9, 1738.
   vi.   EDWARD, bt. Sept. 7, 1740, d. 7 May, 1750.

   NOTE. — Louisa A., m. Oct. 30, 1869, Jacob O. Sanborn.


[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Smith family]

   RALPH, according to the record of Daniel Cushing, Esqr., "came from Old Hingham, 1633, and lived in this town."   Mr. Cushing placed against the name the figure 1, which I presume was to signify, as it did in other instances, that Ralph came alone.   And as there was but one other Ralph Smith here in the next few years, it seems more than prob. that the Ralph of 1633 was the one whose death is recorded by Rev. Peter Hobart of Hing. as foll.:   "1640.   Feb. 15.   Ralph Smith buried."   That the four foll. were related to each other scarcely admits of doubt; but whether as brothers or cousins does not appear, either upon our local rec's, or in the conveyances of Suffolk Deeds, and I give them in the order in which the names first occur in Hing.

   FRANCIS had a grant of land here, Sept. 18, 1635, containing five acres, which was located at the west part of the town (West St); also three acres on the south side of Weary-all (Otis) Hill.   Freeman 1637.   He removed with his family soon after to Taunton, Mass.
   He had one child, bt. in Hing., viz., —

   i.   SAMUEL, Oct. 1639.

   RALPH appears in Hing. 1637, when he drew a house-lot on Bachelor (Main) St. at or near "Pear Tree Hill."   He continued to reside here until 1653, when he removed to Eastham, Mass.   It is said that he was twice m., the first w. being the mother of his ch.   Oct. 27, 1685, adm. was granted to Grace Smith, the relict of Ralph Smith, and Samuel Smith, son to the said Ralph Smith, all of the town of Eastham, in the Colony of New Plymouth, in New England, deceased. etc.   (Ply. Col. Rec's.)
   Ch., bt. in Hing., were —

   i.   SAMUEL, July 11, 1641.   Resided at Eastham, and had issue.
   ii.   JOHN, July 7, 1644, d. at Yarmouth, 1692.
   iii.   DANIEL, March 2, 1646-47.   Resided at Eastham, and left issue.
   iv.   ELIZABETH, Sept. 1648.
   v.   THOMAS, not on Hing. rec's.   (Hist. Gen. Reg. vol. xxvi. p. 438.)

   "HENRY and his wife and 3 sons and 2 daughters and 3 men servants and 2 maid servants and Thomas Mayer, came from Ha . . en Hall in Norfolk, (Eng.), 1638, and settled in New Hingham."   Freeman 1639.   Was one of the first two deacons of the church here.   Representative 1641, etc.   He removed with his fam. ab. 1643 to Rehoboth, where he d. 1649.   In his will, dated 3 Nov. 1647, names


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