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[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Strauss family]

She was b. at Memphis, July 14, 1850.   Charles came to Boston ab. 1865, and thence to Hing., residing here until March, 1880, when he removed to Tucson, A. T.   He afts. was elected mayor of the city of Tucson.
   Ch., —

   i.   ROSALIE, b. at Memphis, 1868, d. in Hing. 30 May, 1875, æt. 6 yrs. 3 mo's.
   ii.   GERTRUDE, b. in Hing. Dec. 13, 1870.
   iii.   MABEL, b. in Hing. Apr. 15, 1872.
   iv.   CHARLES MOSES, b. in Hing. Sept. 24, 1875.


[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Strong family]

   JOHN, was for sev. yrs. landlord of the Old Colony House, and afts. of the Wompatuck House, on Summer St.   His w., to whom he was m. by Rev. Charles Brooks of Hing., Nov. 6, 1834, was Nancy S. Todd.   They removed to the western part of Mass., and since then he has pursued his vocation in the City of New York, where he recently died.
   Ch., prob. all b. in Hing.,

   i.   MARY LOUISE, 1836.
   ii.   JOSEPHINE, 1838.
   iii.   HENRY JEWETT, 1842.   Was killed on the railroad track in Hing. 6 Nov. 1851, æt. 9 yrs. 6 mo's.
   iv.   HELEN F., 1846.   m. in Hing. Dec. 3, 1867, Charles C. Loud of Northampton.

   NOTE. — John, one of the early emigrants, had five acres of land granted to him on North, near Ship St., Sept. 18, 1635.   Freeman 1636-37.   He removed from here to Taunton, and thence as early as 1659 to Northampton, Mass.


[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Studley family]

   JONATHAN (Benjamin = Mary Merritt), was b. at Scit. June 19, 1693.   He m. in Hing. Dec. 31, 1724, Susanna Lane, dau. of Ebenezer and Hannah (Hersey) Lane.   She was b. in Hing. Dec. 4, 1699.   Hing. rec's furnish nothing concerning this fam. in addition to the births of the foll.
   Ch., b. in Hing., viz.: —

   i.   HANNAH, Nov. 10, 1725.
   ii.   SARAH, May 14, 1727.
   iii.   RUTH, Nov. 20, 1729.
   iv.   LOIS, Apr. 17, 1731.   m., 1750, Jesse Wilcutt.
   v.   EUNICE, Apr. 17, 1731.
   vi.   RHODA, Aug. 27, 1735.
   vii.   IRANIA, Apr. 12, 1737.
   viii.   JONATHAN, Dec. 24, 1738.   Warren, s. of Jonathan, Jr., was bt. in Hing. Sept. 29, 1761.

   DANIEL, prob. a relative of the preceding, had one
   Child, bt. in Hing. sec. pre., viz.: —

   i.   JONATHAN, Nov. 29, 1761.

   1.   BENJAMIN (John = Sarah Gannett), b. at Scit. Oct. 27, 1786.   m. in Hing. Nov. 25, 1809, Lydia, dau. of James and Martha Barrell.   She was b. at Scit. May 18, 1789, and d. in Hing. 13 Aug. 1851, æt. 62 yrs.   He d. 4 Apr. 1867, æt. 80 yrs.   "Caulker and graver."   Resided on Summer, near North St.


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