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   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   WILLIE WATERS, June 27, 1870.
   ii.   ARTHUR STOWELL, Oct. 8, 1872; was drowned 18 June, 1888.
   iii.   HENRY LINCOLN, June 6, 1883.
   iv.   CHESTER LANE, Apr. 11, 1887. (3:375)

   63.   GEORGE A.7 (Nathaniel6 Jairus5 Isaac4 Thomas3 Isaac2 Edward1), m. at Rockland, Mass., Jan. 1, 1882, Sarah E. Wood.   Has removed to Nashua, N. H.
   Child, b. in Hing., —

   i.   ARTHUR A., Aug. 4, 1882.

WILDES. [3:375]

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   SARAH (II. p. 437 : 33, ii.), wid. of Daniel, and dau. of John Leavitt, d. in Hing. 29 July, 1888, æt. 57 yrs.

WILKS. [3:375]

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   THOMAS, who m. Elizabeth Low (III. p. 45 : 3, i.), has descendants living in several towns in Ply. County, and also at the West.   According to the fam. tradition he came to America as a stowaway on board of an English ship, and having no money to pay his passage, the captain of the ship sold him, i. e. his time, for seven yrs., as an equivalent, to James Hersey, and that he was subsequently brought up as a companion with Dr. Ezekiel Hersey.   After his m'ge with Elizabeth Low he removed to Ab'n.


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   1.   SAMUEL, who was grad. at Har. Coll. 1803.   m. in Hing. May 30, 1808, Susan Barker, dau. of Dr. Joshua and Susanna (Thaxter) Barker.   She was b. in Hing. Oct. 18, 1782, and d. at Deerfield, Mass., 24 Aug. 1857, æt. 75th yr.   Samuel d. at D. 8 Oct. 1859, æt. 83 yrs.   He was for many yrs. minister at D.   He subsequently was the founder of Willard Academy in Hing., and in its early history one of its tutors.   Resided while in Hing. on Main, corner of Elm St.
   Ch., prob. b. at Deerfield, —

   i.   SUSAN BARKER, March, 1810.   m. in Hing. Dec. 28, 1831, Luther B. Lincoln (II. 486).
   ii.   MARY, 1812.
2. iii.   SAMUEL, Oct. 18, 1814.

   2.   SAMUEL (Samuel = Susan Barker), b. at Deerfield, Mass., Oct. 18, 1814. m. in Hing. June 6, 1848, Sarah J. Thaxter, dau. of Henry and Harriet (Souther) Thaxter.   She was b. in Hing. March 26, 1816, and d. 23 April, 1888, æt. 72 yrs.   Samuel d. in Hing. 16 Sept. 1885, æt. 71st yr.   He was grad. at Har. Coll. 1835.   Resided at Deerfield, and in Hing. on Main near Water St.
   Ch., —

   i.   HARRIET THAXTER, b. at D. Feb. 25, 1850, d. 14 March, 1863.
   ii.   SUSAN BARKER, b. at D. March 29, 1856.

   NOTE. — HORATIO P., and Joanna, his w., resided for a number of yrs. on Main St., Hing. Centre.   He was a s. of Phylander J. and Hannah P. (Snow) Willard, and b. at Ashburnham, Mass., Sept. 25, 1819.   He d. at Alexandria, Va., 6 Nov. 1862, æt. 43 yrs.   "Harness-maker."   (See "Hingham in the Civil War.")   Their s. Frederick H., b. in Hing. Nov. 23, 1850, d. 4 Jan. 1861, æt. 10 yrs.   Susie P., m. July 15, 1873, Thomas H. Treadway.


   CHARLES, m. in Hing. Jan. 18, 1727-28, Elizabeth Garnet, or Gardner, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Ward) Garnet.   She was b. in Hing. Sept. 25, 1693, and surviving him m. secondly, Oct. 4, 1738, Samuel Whiton, widr, and d. 24 May, 1747, æt. 54th yr.   Charles d. 4 Feb. 1733-34, æt. 28 yrs.   Resided at "Liberty Plain," So. Hing.
   Ch., b. in Hing., were —

   i.   CHARLES, March 16, 1728-29.
   ii.   NATHANIEL, Dec. 4, 1730, d. 24 May, 1737.
   iii.   ELIZABETH, bt. June 4, 1733.

   SAMUEL L., b. at Wey. June 29, 1832.   m. first, in Hing. Feb. 12, 1856, Maria L. Wilder, dau. of Seth S. and Maria (Lincoln) Wilder.   She d. at Dor. 6 March, 1860, æt. 26 yrs.   He m. secondly, Aug. 28,


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