336 Young.  

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Young family]

   1.   CALVIN HOUSE (Job = Martha Wetherbee), b. at Turner, Me., July 11, 1827.   m. Aug. 2, 1852, Mary W. Cushing, dau. of Theophilus and Cynthia C. (Jacobs) Cushing.   She was b. in Hing. Apr. 8, 1835.   "Bootmaker."   Resides on Main, near So. Pleasant St.
   Ch., all b. in Hing., —

2. i.   EUGENE BURLEIGH, Jan. 29, 1854.
   ii.   CHARLES JACOB, July 30, 1885.   m. at Ply. Nov. 10, 1881, Adaline A. Simmons.   Charles J. was drowned in Accord Pond, 13 Sept. 1885, æt. 30th yr.
   iii.   NELLIE CUSHING, Dec. 21, 1856.   m. Apr. 4, 1886, Frank S. Chute of Rockland, and d. in Hing, 24 Oct. 1887, æt. 31st yr.
   iv.   FRANK BROWN, Jan. 18, 1860.
   v.   ANNIE BRADFORD, Aug. 20, 1863.
   vi.   HARRY WESTON, Dec. 4, 1875.

   2.   EUGENE B. (Calvin H. = Mary W. Cushing), b. in Hing. Jan. 29, 1854.   m. Feb. 16, 1878, Clara M., dau. of Benjamin F. Pratt.   Their
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   MARY ADELAIDE, May 4, 1879.
   ii.   LESSIE JEANNETTE, Apr. 29, 1882.

   AMOS R. (Jonathan = Mary F. Rogers), b. at Orleans, Mass., May 17, 1832.   m. March 19, 1857, Anna A. Webster, dau. of Caleb A. and Lydia A. (Goodridge) Webster.   She was b. at Salem, Mass., Feb. 23, 1835.   Amos R. d. at Boston 15 March, 1875, æt. 43d yr.   "Wholesale clothier."   Resided at Boston.
   Child, b. at Boston, —

   i.   ARTHUR WEBSTER, Dec. 29, 1861.   "Florist."   Resides on Main St., So. Hing.

   GEORGE W. m. in Hing. Jan. 29, 1866, Olive M. Hobart, dau. of Seth S. and Joanna (Burbank) Hobart.   "Stable-keeper."   Has removed to Wey.
   Ch., b. in Hing., —

   i.   FRANCIS HERBERT, Jan. 14, 1870, d. at Wey. 10 May, 1884.
   ii.   ADELAIDE, Aug. 1, 1871, d. 31st of same month.
   iii.   MINNIE GERTRUDE, July 7, 1873, d. 14 Sept. 1874.

   JAMES K., and his w. Emeline A. (Smith), prob. residents of So. Hing., have one
   Ch., b. in Hing., viz.: —

   i.   MINNIE SIMMONS, May 24, 1873.

   NOTE. — Alexander, of Boston, widr, m. in Hing. June 28, 1798, Mary, dau. of Joseph Loring.   John, of Union River m. Oct. 5, 1800, Anna Hammond.   Lester, s. of Joseph W. and Rosetta H. Perry, was b. in Hing. 22 Apr. 1888. (3:375)   Lucy A., m. Sept. 13, 1840, William Tower.   Mary W., of Ab'n m. May 30, 1841, Lewis Gardner.   Mary M., m. Sept. 28, 1845, John A. Prouty.   Elizabeth, m. Feb. 16, 1845, Squire J. Allen.   Charles C., m. 1849 Esther M., dau. of Jacob Gardner.   Dr. William, who was grad. at Har. Coll. 1829, M. D. 1834, d. in Hing. 1 July, 1863, æt. 54 yrs.   Cordelia E., of Wey. m. May 15, 1881, Gasper A. Lewis.


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